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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04-24The art of memoirDenejkina, A
2016-03-01Autoethnography and the journalist: an ethical comparisonDenejkina, A; Bacon, E; Hecq, D; Walker, A
2016Autoethnography and the journalist: an ethical comparisonDenejkina, A; Bacon, E; Hecq, D; Walker, A
2015-07-26The Body is Obsolete: Stelarc's Radical Experiments with Alternate Human FormsDenejkina, A
2015-11-02Down on the Body Farm: Australia’s First Taphonomic Research FacilityDenejkina, A
2018-04-10Ethics of de-identification: Exploring issues of erasure, safety, and agencyDenejkina, A; Clark, E
2016-01-01Exo-Autoethnography and the Trauma NarrativeDenejkina, A
2017-01-01Exo-autoethnography: An introductionDenejkina, A
2017-03-01Exo-Autoethnography: writing and research on transgenerational transmission of traumaDenejkina, A; Fanaiyan, N; Franks, R; Seymour, J
2017-10-20Find the WoodsDenejkina, A; Jenn Webb; Gail Pittaway
2017-10-20He Lives with a Mountainous View from the WindowDenejkina, A; Jen Webb; Gail Pittaway
2018-11-15In Russia, Feminist Memes Buy Jail Time, but Domestic Abuse Doesn’tDenejkina, A
2018-11-17In Russia, feminist memes can land people in jail. But beating women won'tDenejkina, A
2017-10-20IrinaDenejkina, A; Jenn Webb; Gail Pittaway
2016-04-10The promise and peril of DIY electrical brain stimulationDenejkina, A
2018-05-24Stop centring Western academic ethics: deidentification in social science researchDenejkina, A; Allen, G; Israel, M
2018-12-24Trauma, shame, and secret making: Being a family without a narrativeDenejkina, A
2015-10-18Viral artist Jesse Willesee wants to legalize marijuana—and become the next Andy WarholDenejkina, A
2019-05-01Writing Trauma: The Other Into the Story of The SelfDenejkina, A; Joseph, S; Giles, F; Avieson, B