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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Academic Women Co-designing Education Futures in a Postdigital WorldBrown, C; Huber, E; Bone, E; Gribble, L; Lys, I; Dickson-Deane, C; Yu, P; Markauskaite, L; Campbell, C
2018-07-01Avoiding Educational Technology Pitfalls for Inclusion and EquitySulecio de Alvarez, M; Dickson-Deane, C
2021-03-24Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Review and Publishing Process for a Peer-Reviewed Research Journal in Higher EducationMoore, S; Dickson-Deane, C; Hartshorne, R; Ferdig, R; Bull, G
2019-01-01Camille’s story: The power of being differentDickson-Deane, C
2022-11-18Changing dynamic of expectations for higher education academicsNguyen, N; Ragula, M; Dickson-Deane, C; Heggart, K
2023-01-01Designing Learning Design Pedagogy: Proactively Integrating Work-Integrated Learning to Meet ExpectationsDickson-Deane, C; Heggart, K; Vanderburg, R
2020Designing with Forgiveness in Mind for the ProcessDickson-Deane, C; Bishop, MJ; Boling, E; Elen, J; Svihla, V
2023-11-20EnvironmentalDickson-Deane, C; Jayawardena, M; Porter, D; Campbell, C; Logan-Fleming, D; Jones, H
2021Futurama: Learning design and technology research methodsRomero-Hall, E; Correia, AP; Branch, RM; Cevik, YD; Dickson-Deane, C; Chen, B; Liu, JC; Tang, H; Vasconcelos, L; Pallitt, N; Thankachan, B
-Generative AI in the Australian education system: An open data set of stakeholder recommendations and emerging analysis from a public inquiryKnight, S; Dickson-Deane, C; Heggart, K; Kitto, K; Çetindamar Kozanoğlu, D; Maher, D; Narayan, B; Zarrabi, F
2021-02-08Influencing the design outcomeDickson-Deane, C
2021-02-16MicrocredentialsHeggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C
2018-11-30Modelling for Value Systems in a Diverse Online Program in the CaribbeanDickson-Deane, C; Hill, L; Gray, LE
2021-02-02Moving practical learning onlineDickson-Deane, C
2022-06-17Review of Learner and User Experience Research: an Introduction for the Field of Learning Design Technology. M. Schmidt, A. A. Tawfik, I. Jahanke, Y. Earnshaw (Eds). EdTech Books., C
2018Structuring and Resourcing your eLearning UnitDickson-Deane, C; Tolbert, D; McMahon, T; Funk, C; Pina, A; Lowell, V; Harris, B
2023Submission in response to the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training’s inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education systemKnight, S; Heggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C; Ford, H; Hunter, J; Johns, A; Kitto, K; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Maher, D; Narayan, B
2022-12-05Technologies and practices: Educational technology infrastructure to enable learningDickson-Deane, C; Sutherland, J; Campbell, C; Porter, D; Logan-Fleming, D; Jones, H
2020-09-07The path towards a socially just learning designHeggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C; Novak, K; Cuthbert, R; Gresham, R