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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-12A microfluidic approach to rapid sperm recovery from heterogeneous cell suspensionsVasilescu, SA; Khorsandi, S; Ding, L; Bazaz, SR; Nosrati, R; Gook, D; Warkiani, ME
2019-12A rapidly prototyped lung-on-a-chip model using 3D-printed moldsShrestha, J; Ghadiri, M; Shanmugavel, M; Razavi Bazaz, S; Vasilescu, S; Ding, L; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2021-07-06An easy-to-operate method for single-cell isolation and retrieval using a microfluidic static droplet array.Ding, L; Radfar, P; Rezaei, M; Warkiani, ME
2018-01-01Dimerization of p15RS mediated by a leucine zipper–like motif is critical for its inhibitory role on Wnt signalingFan, X; Zhao, J; Ren, F; Wang, Y; Feng, Y; Ding, L; Zhao, L; Shang, Y; Li, J; Ni, J; Jia, B; Liu, Y; Chang, Z
2021-09-01Effects of sample rheology on the equilibrium position of particles and cells within a spiral microfluidic channelRaoufi, MA; Joushani, HAN; Razavi Bazaz, S; Ding, L; Asadnia, M; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2012-01Formulating BIM Based Educational Design in Construction Project Management Degree ProgramsForsythe, PJ; Ding, L; Wang, X
2021-05Optical tweezers beyond refractive index mismatch using highly doped upconversion nanoparticles.Shan, X; Wang, F; Wang, D; Wen, S; Chen, C; Di, X; Nie, P; Liao, J; Liu, Y; Ding, L; Reece, PJ; Jin, D
2020-05-01PCR-free paper-based nanobiosensing platform for visual detection of telomerase activity via gold enhancementMahmoudi, T; Pirpour Tazehkand, A; Pourhassan-Moghaddam, M; Alizadeh-Ghodsi, M; Ding, L; Baradaran, B; Razavi Bazaz, S; Jin, D; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2020-01-01Rapid and label-free isolation of tumour cells from the urine of patients with localised prostate cancer using inertial microfluidicsRzhevskiy, AS; Bazaz, SR; Ding, L; Kapitannikova, A; Sayyadi, N; Campbell, D; Walsh, B; Gillatt, D; Warkiani, ME; Zvyagin, AV
2015-04The landscape of somatic mutations in infant MLL-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemias.Andersson, AK; Ma, J; Wang, J; Chen, X; Gedman, AL; Dang, J; Nakitandwe, J; Holmfeldt, L; Parker, M; Easton, J; Huether, R; Kriwacki, R; Rusch, M; Wu, G; Li, Y; Mulder, H; Raimondi, S; Pounds, S; Kang, G; Shi, L; Becksfort, J; Gupta, P; Payne-Turner, D; Vadodaria, B; Boggs, K; Yergeau, D; Manne, J; Song, G; Edmonson, M; Nagahawatte, P; Wei, L; Cheng, C; Pei, D; Sutton, R; Venn, NC; Chetcuti, A; Rush, A; Catchpoole, D; Heldrup, J; Fioretos, T; Lu, C; Ding, L; Pui, C-H; Shurtleff, S; Mullighan, CG; Mardis, ER; Wilson, RK; Gruber, TA; Zhang, J; Downing, JR; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital–Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project,
2020-01-30Tiny noise, big mistakes: Adversarial perturbations induce errors in Brain-Computer Interface spellersZhang, X; Wu, D; Ding, L; Luo, H; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P; Chavarriaga, R
2020-09-10Tiny noise, big mistakes: adversarial perturbations induce errors in brain–computer interface spellersZhang, X; Wu, D; Ding, L; Luo, H; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P; Chavarriaga, R
2021-03-05Triplet Fusion Upconversion with Oxygen Resistance in Aqueous Media.Ding, L; Zhou, J; Fu, Q; Bao, G; Liu, Y; Jin, D