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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07-15Assessing measures of comorbidity and functional status for risk adjustment to compare hospital performance for colorectal cancer surgery: A retrospective data-linkage studyDobbins, TA; Badgery-Parker, T; Currow, DC; Young, JM
2014-01-01Association between tobacco plain packaging and Quitline calls: A populationbased, interrupted time-series analysisYoung, JM; Stacey, I; Dobbins, TA; Dunlop, S; Dessaix, AL; Currow, DC
2012-01-01Australian national birthweight percentiles by sex and gestational age, 1998-2007Dobbins, TA; Sullivan, EA; Roberts, CL; Simpson, JM
2010-06-01Changes in cardiorespiratory fitness among children and adolescents in Australia: 1997 and 2004Okely, AD; Hardy, LL; Booth, ML; Dobbins, TA; Denney-Wilson, EA; Yang, B
2015-01-01Look back for the Charlson index did not improve risk adjustment of cancer surgical outcomesDobbins, TA; Creighton, N; Currow, DC; Young, JM
2009-09-01Oestrogen receptor β expression in pleomorphic adenomas of the parotid glandWong, MHW; Dobbins, TA; Tseung, J; Tran, N; Lee, CS; O'Brien, CJ; Clark, J; Rose, BR
2023-09Opioid prescribing patterns among medical practitioners in New South Wales, Australia.Schaffer, AL; Gisev, N; Blyth, FM; Buckley, NA; Currow, D; Dobbins, TA; Wilson, A; Degenhardt, L; Pearson, S-A
2009-02-01Sedentariness, Small-Screen Recreation, and Fitness in YouthHardy, LL; Dobbins, TA; Denney-Wilson, EA; Okely, AD; Booth, ML
2011-04-01Use of cyclin D1 in conjunction with human papillomavirus status to predict outcome in oropharyngeal cancerHong, AM; Dobbins, TA; Lee, CS; Jones, D; Fei, J; Clark, JR; Armstrong, BK; Harnett, GB; Milross, CG; Tran, N; Peculis, LD; Ng, C; Milne, AG; Loo, C; Hughes, LJ; Forstner, DF; O'Brien, CJ; Rose, BR