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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-15Acid stable layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes for phosphoric acid purificationXu, S; He, R; Dong, C; Sun, N; Zhao, S; He, H; Yu, H; Zhang, YB; He, T
2016-11Another Look at Single-Index Models Based on Series EstimationDong, C; Gao, J; Peng, B
2023Development of a risk model to predict prognosis in breast cancer based on cGAS-STING-related genes.Chen, C; Wang, J; Dong, C; Lim, D; Feng, Z
2023-06Global research trends in radiotherapy for breast cancer: a systematic bibliometric analysis.Jia, B; Lim, D; Zhang, Y; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2022-05Global Research Trends in Radiotherapy for Gliomas: A Systematic Bibliometric Analysis.Zhang, Y; Lim, D; Yao, Y; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-06HDAC inhibitor HPTA initiates anti-tumor response by CXCL9/10-recruited CXCR3+CD4+T cells against PAHs carcinogenicity.Chen, C; Lim, D; Cai, Z; Zhang, F; Liu, G; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-10Hexyl-pentynoic acid serves as a novel radiosensitizer for breast cancer by inhibiting UCHL3-dependent Rad51 deubiquitinationCai, Z; Lim, D; Jia, B; Liu, G; Ding, W; Wang, Z; Tian, Z; Peng, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2017-08-22NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and ResultsTimofte, R; Agustsson, E; Gool, LV; Yang, MH; Zhang, L; Lim, B; Son, S; Kim, H; Nah, S; Lee, KM; Wang, X; Tian, Y; Yu, K; Zhang, Y; Wu, S; Dong, C; Lin, L; Qiao, Y; Loy, CC; Bae, W; Yoo, J; Han, Y; Ye, JC; Choi, JS; Kim, M; Fan, Y; Yu, J; Han, W; Liu, D; Yu, H; Wang, Z; Shi, H; Huang, TS; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; Zuo, W; Tang, Z; Luo, L; Li, S; Fu, M; Cao, L; Heng, W; Bui, G; Le, T; Duan, Y; Tao, D; Wang, R; Lin, X; Pang, J; Xu, J; Zhao, Y; Xu, X; Pan, J; Sun, D; Song, X; Dai, Y; Qin, X; Huynh, XP; Guo, T; Mousavi, HS; Vu, TH; Monga, V; Cruz, C; Egiazarian, K; Katkovnik, V; Mehta, R; Jain, AK; Agarwalla, A; Praveen, CVS; Zhou, R; Wen, H; Zhu, C; Xia, Z; Guo, Q
2015-09-01Semiparametric single-index panel data models with cross-sectional dependenceDong, C; Gao, J; Peng, B
2022-08Valproic acid counteracts polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)-induced tumorigenic effects by regulating the polarization of macrophages.Zhang, Y; Lim, D; Cai, Z; Peng, J; Jia, B; Chu, G; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-02-13VPA mediates bidirectional regulation of cell cycle progression through the PPP2R2A-Chk1 signaling axis in response to HU.Su, B; Lim, D; Qi, C; Zhang, Z; Wang, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z