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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10-293-D analytical modeling of no-load magnetic field of ironless axial flux permanent magnet machineHuang, Y; Ge, B; Dong, J; Lin, H; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2018-05-01Automatic Chinese Postal Address Block Location Using Proximity Descriptors and Cooperative Profit Random ForestsDong, X; Dong, J; Zhou, H; Sun, J; Tao, D
2020-01-01Behavior of crossover operators in NSGA-III for large-scale optimization problemsYi, JH; Xing, LN; Wang, GG; Dong, J; Vasilakos, AV; Alavi, AH; Wang, L
2021-01-01Confident-Anchor-Induced Multi-Source-Free Domain AdaptationDong, J; Fang, Z; Liu, A; Sun, G; Liu, T
2012-02-01Core loss modeling for permanent-magnet motor based on flux variation locus and finite-element methodHuang, Y; Dong, J; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2011-10-01Eddy-current loss prediction in the rotor magnets of a permanent magnet synchronous generator with modular winding feeding a rectifier loadHuang, Y; Dong, J; Jin, L; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2022-01-01Federated Class-Incremental LearningDong, J; Wang, L; Fang, Z; Sun, G; Xu, S; Wang, X; Zhu, Q
-How Nanoparticle Aerosols Transport through Multi-Stenosis Sections of Upper Airways: A CFD-DPM ModellingIslam, MR; Larpruenrudee, P; Rahman, MM; Ullah, S; Godder, TK; Cui, X; Mortazavy Beni, H; Inthavong, K; Dong, J; Gu, Y; Islam, MS
2021-05-21Improved NSGA-III with Second-Order Difference Random Strategy for Dynamic Multi-Objective OptimizationZhang, H; Wang, G-G; Dong, J; Gandomi, AH
2021-05-13Multi-Order Adversarial Representation Learning for Composed Query Image RetrievalFu, Z; Chen, X; Dong, J; Ji, S
2022-01-10PrefaceUddin, F; Lavorante, MJ; Popa-Simil, L; Xie, G; Mucha, J; Dong, J; Ho, LN; Albayrak, O; Gomaa, M; Mahdipour, SA; Abd El-Mohaymen Taha, T; Leong, C; Gan,; Nacer, R; Nurdin, I; Mazilu, T; Ong, HC; Tariq, GH; Quesada, DE; Adiguzel, O; Majewska, K; Jung, DW; Yap, TC; Mateev, V; Tin, HHK; Reda,; Boutagouga, D; Khitab, A; Mimoune, S; Kassmi, K; Dumitriu, M; Macioszek, E; Chi, W; Zahari, NM; Kisielewicz, T; M-Ridha, MJ; Yu, T; Buonomenna, MG; Liu, W; Chen, C; Schwingenschlögl, UE; Wang, HE; Dobrotă, D; Ramos, J; Memon, I; Khalil, RA; Woroniak, G; Issaadi, W; Tsai, CT; Aissaoui, AG; Doroftei, C; Iyer, VG; Lin, YS; Čubrić, IS; Kyzioł, K; Shakir, RR; Marko, O; Akyol, A; Ileana, PC; Dastjerdi, R
2008-12-01Price forecasting of supply chain product based on dynamic fractal dimensionDong, J; Wang, J; Zeng, F; Lu, H
2008-12-01The research of software product line engineering process and its integrated development environment modelDong, J; Sun, D; Wang, J; Lu, H
2017-03-08Robustness and Uncertainties of the "temperature and Greenness" Model for Estimating Terrestrial Gross Primary ProductionDong, J; Li, L; Shi, H; Chen, X; Luo, G; Yu, Q
2021-11Ultrahard bulk amorphous carbon from collapsed fullerene.Shang, Y; Liu, Z; Dong, J; Yao, M; Yang, Z; Li, Q; Zhai, C; Shen, F; Hou, X; Wang, L; Zhang, N; Zhang, W; Fu, R; Ji, J; Zhang, X; Lin, H; Fei, Y; Sundqvist, B; Wang, W; Liu, B
2020Very long natural scenery image prediction by outpaintingYang, Z; Dong, J; Liu, P; Yang, Y; Yan, S