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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-10Blast testing of high performance geopolymer composite walls reinforced with steel wire mesh and aluminium foamLiu, J; Wu, C; Li, C; Dong, W; Su, Y; Li, J; Cui, N; Zeng, F; Dai, L; Meng, Q; Pang, J
2019-07-01Electrical resistivity and mechanical properties of cementitious composite incorporating conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Long, G; Tao, Z; Li, J; Wang, K
2018-11-10An empirical model for the shear strength of corroded reinforced concrete beamLu, ZH; Li, H; Li, W; Zhao, YG; Dong, W
2019-09-10Enhanced mechanical properties and durability of coal gangue reinforced cement-soil mixture for foundation treatmentsLong, G; Li, L; Li, W; Ma, K; Dong, W; Bai, C; Zhou, JL
2020-09-01Investigation on physicochemical and piezoresistive properties of smart MWCNT/cementitious composite exposed to elevated temperaturesDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Han, B; Sheng, D; Shah, SP
2020-09-16Performance Enhancement of Permeable Asphalt Mixtures With Recycled Aggregate for Concrete Pavement ApplicationLei, B; Li, W; Luo, Z; Tam, VWY; Dong, W; Wang, K
2019-11-15Piezoresistive behaviours of carbon black cement-based sensors with layer-distributed conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Shen, L; Sheng, D
2019-12-01Piezoresistive behaviours of cement-based sensor with carbon black subjected to various temperature and water contentDong, W; Li, W; Lu, N; Qu, F; Vessalas, K; Sheng, D
2019-04-10Piezoresistive properties of cement-based sensors: Review and perspectiveDong, W; Li, W; Tao, Z; Wang, K
2020-08-01Piezoresistivity enhancement of functional carbon black filled cement-based sensor using polypropylene fibreDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Guo, Y; Sheng, D; Shah, SP
2020-06-01Piezoresistivity of smart carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced cementitious composite under integrated cyclic compression and impactDong, W; Li, W; Shen, L; Sun, Z; Sheng, D
2007-12-01A robust Hough Transform based method for direction detection and its applicationDong, W; He, X; Hintz, T
2020-01-01Self-sensing capabilities of cement-based sensor with layer-distributed conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Luo, Z; Sheng, D
2020-06-01Structural response monitoring of concrete beam under flexural loading using smart carbon black/cement-based sensorsDong, W; Li, W; Luo, Z; Long, G; Vessalas, K; Sheng, D