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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-01Advancing the strategic impact of human-centred designvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Dorst, K
2014-09-02Applying Design Thinking Elsewhere: Organizational context mattersDorst, K; Smulders, F; vermaas, P; Bohemia, E; Rieple, A; Liedtka, J; Cooper, R
2016-09-01The art of ‘stepping back’: Studying levels of abstraction in a diverse design teamKokotovich, V; Dorst, K
2010-01Briefing and ReframingPaton, RJ; Dorst, K; Dorst, K; Stewart, S; Staudinger, I; Paton, B; Dong, A
2011-11-01Briefing and reframing: A situated practicePaton, B; Dorst, K
2011-12-01Can existing usability techniques prevent tomorrow's usability problems?Harkema, C; Luyk-De Visser, I; Dorst, K; Brombacher, A
2019-11Co-evolution and emergence in designDorst, K
2019-11-01Co-evolution and emergence in designDorst, K
2009-12-01Co-evolution in design practiceReymen, I; Dorst, K; Smulders, F
2015-11-02Comparing Frame Creation and TRIZ: from model to methodologyDorst, K; Kokotovich, V; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, DB; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagai, Y
2011-11-01The core of 'design thinking' and its applicationDorst, K
2001-09-01Creativity in the design process: Co-evolution of problem-solutionDorst, K; Cross, N
2006-11-01The design analogy: a model for moral problem solvingDorst, K; Royakkers, L
2002-05-01Design and use as plans: An action-theoretical accountHoukes, W; Vermaas, PE; Dorst, K; De Vries, MJ
2019-06-01Design beyond DesignDorst, K
2013-01-01Design expertiseLawson, B; Dorst, K
2015-01-01Design innovation for societal and business changeThurgood, C; Dorst, K; Bucolo, S; Van Der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Vermaas, P
2009-01Design IntelligenceDorst, K; Poggenpohl, S; Sato, K
2006-08-14Design problems and design paradoxesDorst, K
2008-01-01Design research: a revolution-waiting-to-happenDorst, K