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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Abe Mamdani: A Pioneer of Soft Artificial Intelligence.Dubois, D; Prade, H; Trillas, E; Bonissone, PP; Magdalena, L; Kacprzyk, J
2016-11-01The basic principles of uncertain information fusion. An organised review of merging rules in different representation frameworksDubois, D; Liu, W; Ma, J; Prade, H
2013Belief Revision with Uncertain Inputs in the Possibilistic SettingDubois, D; Prade, H
2013-10-09Bipolar possibility theory as a basis for a logic of desires and beliefsDubois, D; Lorini, E; Prade, H
2011-08-10Bridging gaps between several frameworks for the idea of granulationDubois, D; Prade, H
2011-08-01Bridging Jeffrey's rule, AGM revision and dempster conditioning in the theory of evidenceMa, J; Liu, W; Dubois, D; Prade, H
2015-01-01Characterizing variants of qualitative Sugeno integrals in a totally ordered Heyting algebraDubois, D; Rico, A; Teheux, B; Prade, H; Alonso, JM; Bustince, H; Reformat, M
2008-12-01A comparative study of six formal models of causal ascriptionBenferhat, S; Bonnefon, JF; Chassy, P; Da Silva Neves, R; Dubois, D; Dupin De Saint-Cyr, F; Kayser, D; Nouioua, F; Nouioua-Boutouhami, S; Prade, H; Smaoui, S
2013-08-01Conditional preference nets and possibilistic logicDubois, D; Prade, H; Touazi, F
2013Conditional Preference-Nets, Possibilistic Logic, and the Transitivity of Priorities.Dubois, D; Prade, H; Touazi, F; Bramer, M; Petridis, M
2013Coping with the Limitations of Rational Inference in the Framework of Possibility TheoryBenferhat, S; Dubois, D; Prade, H
2015-01-01The cube of opposition and the complete appraisal of situations by means of sugeno integralsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
2013Decision-making Under Ordinal Preferences and Comparative UncertaintyDubois, D; Fargier, H; Prade, H
2016-11-01Decision-Making with Sugeno Integrals: Bridging the Gap Between Multicriteria Evaluation and Decision Under UncertaintyCouceiro, M; Dubois, D; Prade, H; Waldhauser, T
2012-01-01Decision-making with Sugeno integrals: DMU vs. MCDMCouceiro, M; Dubois, D; Prade, H; Waldhauser, T
2008-06-01A definition of subjective possibilityDubois, D; Prade, H; Smets, P
2015-02-27Erratum to: Database preference queries - a possibilistic logic approach with symbolic prioritiesDubois, D; Hadjali, A; Prade, H; Touazi, F
2015-01-01Extending answer set programming using generalized possibilistic logicDubois, D; Prade, H; Schockaert, S
2015-01-01Extracting decision rules from qualitative data using sugeno integral: A case-studyDubois, D; Durrieu, C; Prade, H; Rico, A; Ferro, Y
2015-01-01Formal concept analysis from the standpoint of possibility theoryDubois, D; Prade, H