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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Bundled competencies, configuration and activity systems: understanding the basis for competitive advantage in ING DirectDunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Elkin, G
2003-01Call Centres: from an essential to a contextualist approachBenveniste, J; Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Brown, A
2001-04-01Changing forms of organizing: Dualities in using remote collaboration technologies in film productionPalmer, I; Dunford, R; Rura-Polley, T; Baker, E
2007-01Coexistence of 'old' and 'new' organizational practices: Transitory phenomenon or enduring feature?Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Crawford, JD
2001-01The Diffusion of Managerial Innovations: A Comparison of Australian Public and Private Sector Take-Up Rates of New Organizational PraciticesPalmer, IC; Dunford, R
2004-01Human resource management in high performance organisation: The case of ING DirectBenveniste, J; Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Elkin, G
2006Knowledge practices in the roll-out of a global network: retention, adaptation, transference and experimentationDunford, R; Palmer, I; Benveniste, J; Weaver, K M
2002-01Managing discursive tension: the co-existence of individualist and collaborative discourses in flight centrePalmer, IC; Dunford, R
2002-01Managing for high performance? People management practices in flight centreDunford, R; Palmer, IC
2007-01New organizational forms: Towards a generative dialoguePalmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Dunford, R
2008Organizational change and the importance of embedded assumptionsPalmer, I; Dunford, R
2005-01Something Old, Something New...Are New Organizational Practices Replacing Old Ones Or Do They Co-Exist?Palmer, IC; Dunford, R; Benveniste, J; Crawford, JD; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
2005-01Strategy for successful entry into a concentrated and highly competitive marketDunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
2002-01Who says change can be managed? Positions, perspectives and problematicsPalmer, IC; Dunford, R