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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-18Absence in Visual Narratives: The Story of Iran and Pakistan across TimeDurrani, S; Schroeter, M
2022-12-01Damsels in distress: gender and negative place brandingDurrani, S
2021-01-01Disagree and you shall be valued: a semiotic examination of how photojournalism constructs “valuable” Iranian bodies across TimeDurrani, S
2012-12-01An efficient energy curtailment scheme for outage management in smart gridTushar, W; Zhang, J; Smith, DB; Poor, HV; Platt, G; Durrani, S
2016-02-23Iterative optimization for max-min SINR in dense small-cell multiuser MISO SWIPT systemNasir, AA; Ngo, DT; Tuan, HD; Durrani, S
2018One size does not fit all - The importance of contextually sensitive mHealth strategies for frontline female health workersTariq, A; Durrani, S
2016-08-01Path-Following Algorithms for Beamforming and Signal Splitting in RF Energy Harvesting NetworksNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Durrani, S; Kim, DI
2020-01Previewing News Stories: How contextual cohesion contributes to the creation of news narrativesDurrani, S; Jana, P; Hartmut Stockl; Caple, H
2016-01-01Secure beamforming for max-min SINR in multi-cell SWIPT systemsNasir, AA; Ngo, DT; Tuan, HD; Durrani, S; Kim, DI
2019-07-04Storytelling through semiotics: How visual theory meets photographic practice in the classroomDurrani, S
2023-01-01What happens when a country bleeds soft power? Conceptualising ‘Negative Watch’: towards an epistemology for negative and adversarial place brandingDurrani, S
2021-01-01What makes an image worth a thousand words? Teaching strategic visual analysis and synthesis via semioticsDurrani, S