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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Attributes of Destination Effectiveness: A factor analysisDwyer, L; Mellor, R; Livaic, Z; Edwards, DC; Chulwon, K
1-Feb-2009Destination and enterprise management for a tourism futureDwyer, L; Edwards, D; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Scott, N
1-Mar-2018Destination Competitiveness: Public and Private Sector Tourism Management in SerbiaArmenski, T; Dwyer, L; Pavluković, V
8-Aug-2019Determinants of sustainability of ski resorts: do size and altitude matter?Kuščer, K; Dwyer, L
1-Jan-2010Economic contribution of tourists with disabilities: An Australian approach and methodologyDwyer, L; Darcy, S
1-Feb-2018The economic impacts of a changing visa fee for Chinese tourists to AustraliaPham, TD; Nghiem, S; Dwyer, L
Jan-2013Ecotourism and the triple bottom lineDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Ballantyne, R; Packer, J
1-Jan-2018Emerging ocean industries: Implications for sustainable tourism developmentDwyer, L
Jan-2006Ethical issues in collaboration in the aviation industryRavinder, R; Dwyer, L; Sheldon, P
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the economic contribution of a large indoor entertainment venue: An inscope expenditure studyEdwards, D; Foley, C; Dwyer, L; Schlenker, K; Hergesell, A
1-Apr-2012Fashioning a destination tourism future: The case of SloveniaDwyer, L; Cvelbar, LK; Edwards, D; Mihalic, T
Jan-2014Managing distribution channel conflict in the hotel industryTan, JH; Dwyer, L
Jan-2008Megatrends underpinning tourism to 2020: analysis of key drivers for change.Dwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Scott, N; Cooper, C
1-Jan-2000Nature-based tourism on the edge of urban developmentDwyer, L; Edwards, D
10-Sep-2007Productivity and yield measurement in Australian inbound tourism using tourism satellite accounts and general equilibrium modellingDwyer, L; Forsyth, P; Spurr, R
1-Sep-2018Residents' place attachment and word-of-mouth behaviours: A tale of two citiesChen, N; Dwyer, L; Firth, T
1-Nov-2018Residents’ Place Satisfaction and Place Attachment on Destination Brand-Building Behaviors: Conceptual and Empirical DifferentiationChen, N; Dwyer, L
2-Jan-2018Saluting while the ship sinks: the necessity for tourism paradigm changeDwyer, L
Jan-2010Sustainable tourism planningDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2008TourismDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Newton, PW