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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Abstraction and interaction: an art system for white noiseEdmonds, EA; Banissi, E; Sarafraz, M; Huang, ML; Wu, Q
2005-01The Actor and the Virtual World: Practice Based-Research as Innovation in Human-Computer InteractionDanylak, R; Edmonds, EA; Vella, R
2007-01Alleviating Communication Challenges in Film Scoring: An Interaction Design ApproachPhalip, J; Morphett, M; Edmonds, EA; Thomas, B
2010-01The Art of InteractionEdmonds, EA; Mival, O; Bonner, J; Smyth, M; O'Neill, S
2007-01The Art of Programming or Programs as ArtEdmonds, EA; Fujita, H; Pisanelli, D
2011-01Art, Interaction and EngagementEdmonds, EA; Banissi; E; others
2011-01Art, Interaction and EngagementEdmonds, EA; Candy; Edmonds
2005-01Attuning: A Social and Technical Study of Artist-Programmer CollaborationsTurner, GA; Weakley, AJ; Zhang, Y; Edmonds, EA; Romero, P; Good, J; Bryant, S; Chaparro, E
2004-01Audiovisual Discourse in Digital ArtEdmonds, EA; Pauletto, S; Gollinger, S
2010-01Beyond abstract film: constructivist digital timeEdmonds, EA; Seal, A; Bowen, JP; Ng, K
-Broadway OneEdmonds, EA; Fell, M; Gollifer, S
2005-01Cellular automata in generative electronic music and sonic art: a historical and technical reviewBurraston, DM; Edmonds, EA
2004-01Cellular Automata in MIDI based Computer MusicBurraston, DM; Edmonds, EA; Livingston, D; Miranda, E; Tzanetakis, G
2006-01Charmed circle - an interactive toy for musiciansJohnston, AJ; Marks, B; Edmonds, EA; Cheok, AD; Boj, C; Diaz, D; Kimpan, C
2006-01Creating affective visualisations for a Physiologically interactive artworkMuller, E; Turner, GA; Khut, PG; Edmonds, EA; Banissi, E; Burkhard, RA; Ursyn, A; Zhang, JJ; Bannatyne, MWM; Maple, C; Cowell, AJ; Tianm, GY; Hou, M
2004-01Creative Presence: Supporting Artistic CollaborationsCostello, BM; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Raya, MA; Solaz, BR
2008-01Designing a System for Supporting the Process of Making a Video SequenceAmitani, S; Edmonds, EA; Adams, R; Gibons, S; Arisona, SM
2009-01Designing for Conversational InteractionJohnston, AJ; Candy, L; Edmonds, EA; Dannenberg Roger, B; Ries Kristi, D
2009-01Directed and Emergent PlayCostello, BM; Edmonds, EA; Bryan-Kinns, N
2012-12-01Emergent participant interactionSeevinck, J; Edmonds, EA; Candy, L