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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Bourgeois women and communist revolutionaries? Re-revolutionizing the Chinese Women's suffrage movementEdwards, LP; ed, MM
Jan-2004Chinese women's campaigns for suffrage: nationalism, Confucianism and political agencyEdwards, LP; Edwards, L; Roces, M
Jan-2002Co-opting the Chinese women's suffrage movement for the fifth modernisation-democracyEdwards, LP
Jan-2004Constraining women's political work with 'women's-work': the Chinese Communist Party and women's participation in politicsEdwards, LP; McLaren Anne
Jan-2007Dressing for Power: Scholar's Robes, School Uniforms and Military Attire in ChinaEdwards, LP; Roces, M; Edwards, L
Jan-1999From gender equality to gender difference: feminist campaigns for quotas for women in politics, 1936-1947Edwards, LP
Jan-2008Gender, Politics, and Democracy: Women's Suffrage in ChinaEdwards, LP
Jan-2009International Influences on the State-in-Society: Combating Violence against WomenEdwards, LP; Li, LC
Jan-2008Issue-based politics: feminism with Chinese characteristics or the return of bourgeois feminismEdwards, LP; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2005Jia Baoyu in Honglou meng: boyhood, adolescence and adulthood in pre-modern ChinaEdwards, LP; Farquhar, M
Jan-2006Moving from the vote into citizenship: crafting Chinese women's political citizenshipEdwards, LP; Spkowski, N; Milwertz, C
Jan-2005Opposition to women's suffrage in China: confronting modernity in governanceEdwards, LP; Leutner, M; Spakowski, N
Jan-2004Orienting the global women's suffrage movementEdwards, LP; Roces, M; Edwards, L; Roces, M
Jan-2006Sport, Fashion and Beauty: New Incarnations of the Female Politician in Contemporary ChinaEdwards, LP; Martin, F; Heinrich, L
Jan-2007Trans-national Flows and the Politics of Dress in Asia and the AmericasEdwards, LP; Roces, M; Roces, M; Edwards, L
Jan-2005Zhanzheng dui xiandai Zhongguo funü canzheng yundong de yinxiang:'weji nüxing' de wenti ( The impact of war on women's suffrage in China: the problem of 'crisis femininity'Edwards, LP; Zheng, W; Yan, C