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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-2-manifold recognition is in logspaceBurton, BA; Elder, M; Kalka, A; Tillmann, S
1-Mar-2018Applications of L systems to group theoryCiobanu, L; Elder, M; Ferov, M
1-Jan-2019Bounded Automata Groups are co-ET0LBishop, A; Elder, M
1-Sep-2014C-graph automatic groupsElder, M; Taback, J
1-Dec-2004CAT(0) is an algorithmic propertyElder, M; McCammond, J
1-Jan-2014The cogrowth series for BS(N, N) is D-finiteElder, M; Rechnitzer, A; Janse Van Rensburg, EJ; Wong, T
15-Sep-2006Cone types and geodesic languages for lamplighter groups and Thompson's group FCleary, S; Elder, M; Taback, J
12-Jun-2005A context-free and a 1-counter geodesic language for a Baumslag-Solitar groupElder, M
1-Jan-2010Counting elements and geodesics in Thompson's group FElder, M; Fusy, E; Rechnitzer, A
1-Jan-2002Curvature testing in 3-dimensional metric polyhedral complexesElder, M; McCammond, J
1-Sep-2009The Dehn function of Stallings' groupDison, W; Elder, M; Riley, TR; Young, R
-G-automata, counter languages and the Chomsky hierarchyElder, M
-L_delta groups are almost convex and have a sub-cubic Dehn functionElder, M
1-Jan-2010A linear-time algorithm to compute geodesics in solvable baumslag-solitar groupsElder, M
1-Jan-2015Metric properties of Baumslag-Solitar groupsBurillo, J; Elder, M
1-Jan-2005Minimal almost convexityElder, M; Hermiller, S
1-Jan-2014Non-contracting groups generated by (3,2)-automataDavis, N; Elder, M; Reeves, L
1-Jan-2004A non-Hopfian almost convex groupElder, M
1-May-2019On a theorem of AvezElder, M; Rogers, C
1-Dec-2008On groups and counter automataElder, M; Kambites, M; Ostheimer, G