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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-01A family-based approach examining perceptions of a TRYathlon series on children’s health and developmentCaperchione, C; English, M; Sharp, P; Wallace, L; Harris, D; Ashton, J
2022-12-01A family-based approach examining perceptions of an Australian TRYathlon series on children's health and development.Caperchione, CM; English, M; Sharp, P; Stolp, S; Wallace, L; Harris, D; Ashton, J
2023-04-01Co-designing a health promotion program for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls: lessons learnt.English, M; Canuto, K; Schulenkorf, N; Evans, J; Curry, C; Slater, C; Caperchione, CM
2022-11-01Community participation in the design and development of a physical activity and psychosocial program for Indigenous girls: Processes, experiences and lessons learntEnglish, M; Canuto, K; Schulenkorf, N; Evans, J; Curry, C; Rosenbaum, S; Caperchione, C
2020-05-14Developing metrics for nursing quality of care for low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review linked to stakeholder engagement.Gathara, D; Zosi, M; Serem, G; Nzinga, J; Murphy, GAV; Jackson, D; Brownie, S; English, M
2023-10Embodying experiences of the Tidda Talk program through body mapping: methodological processes and key considerationsEnglish, M; Canuto, K; Manton, D; Caperchione, C
2023-09-22Exploring the practicality and acceptability a brief exercise communication and clinician referral pathway in cancer care: a feasibility study.Caperchione, CM; English, M; Sharp, P; Agar, MR; Phillips, JL; Liauw, W; Harris, CA; McCullough, S; Lilian, R
2022-01-01Exploring the voices of health promotion stakeholders concerning the implementation of physical activity programs for the social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girlsEnglish, M; Wallace, L; Caperchione, CM; Williams, PJ
2020-05Informal task-sharing practices in inpatient newborn settings in a low-income setting-A task analysis approach.Omondi, GB; Murphy, GAV; Jackson, D; Brownie, S; English, M; Gathara, D
2021-06-25It doesn't hurt to TRY - Experiences of youths participating in a TRYathlon event series.Caperchione, CM; Stolp, S; Fransen, J; English, M; Wallace, L; Harris, D; Ashton, JF
2020Lessons from a Health Policy and Systems Research programme exploring the quality and coverage of newborn care in Kenya.English, M; Gathara, D; Nzinga, J; Kumar, P; Were, F; Warfa, O; Tallam-Kimaiyo, E; Nandili, M; Obengo, A; Abuya, N; Jackson, D; Brownie, S; Molyneux, S; Jones, COH; Murphy, GAV; McKnight, J
2022-04-20Mental health literacy practices within Australian football league next generation academy clubs: An exploratory studyDiamond, S; Wallace, L; English, M; Caperchione, CM
2020-01-01Missed nursing care in newborn units: a cross-sectional direct observational studyGathara, D; Serem, G; Murphy, GAV; Obengo, A; Tallam, E; Jackson, D; Brownie, S; English, M
2021-12-01Professional identity transitions, violations and reconciliations among new nurses in low- and middle-income countriesMbuthia, DW; McGivern, G; English, M; Brownie, S; Jackson, D; Gathara, D; Nzinga, J
2016-01-01Setting research priorities to improve global newborn health and prevent stillbirths by 2025Yoshida, S; Martines, J; Lawn, JE; Wall, S; Souza, JP; Rudan, I; Cousens, S; Aaby, P; Adam, I; Adhikari, RK; Ambalavanan, N; Arifeen, SEI; Aryal, DR; Asiruddin, SK; Baqui, A; Barros, AJD; Benn, CS; Bhandari, V; Bhatnagar, S; Bhattacharya, S; Bhutta, ZA; Black, RE; Blencowe, H; Bose, C; Brown, J; Bührer, C; Carlo, W; Cecatti, JG; Cheung, PY; Clark, R; Colbourn, T; Conde-Agudelo, A; Corbett, E; Czeizel, AE; Das, A; Day, LT; Deal, C; Deorari, A; Dilmen, U; English, M; Engmann, C; Esamai, F; Fall, C; Ferriero, DM; Gisore, P; Hazir, T; Higgins, RD; Homer, CSE; Hoque, DE; Irgens, L; Islam, MT; de Graft-Johnson, J; Joshua, MA; Keenan, W; Khatoon, S; Kieler, H; Kramer, MS; Lackritz, EM; Lavender, T; Lawintono, L; Luhanga, R; Marsh, D; McMillan, D; McNamara, PJ; Mol, BWJ; Molyneux, E; Mukasa, GK; Mutabazi, M; Nacul, LC; Nakakeeto, M; Narayanan, I; Olusanya, B; Osrin, D; Paul, V; Poets, C; Reddy, UM; Santosham, M; Sayed, R; Schlabritz-Loutsevitch, NE; Singhal, N; Smith, MA; Smith, PG; Soofi, S; Spong, CY; Sultana, S; Tshefu, A; van Bel, F; Gray, LV; Waiswa, P; Wang, W; Williams, SLA; Wright, L; Zaidi, A; Zhang, Y; Zhong, N; Zuniga, I; Bahl, R
2022-08-01The impact of mental health literacy initiatives on youth elite athletes: A systematic reviewDiamond, S; Wallace, L; English, M; Caperchione, CM
2021-11-01The impact of physical activity and sport programs on mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: A systematic reviewCaperchione, C; Diamond, S; English, M; Wallace, L
2021-12-01The impact of sport and physical activity programs on the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a systematic reviewEnglish, M; Wallace, L; Evans, J; Diamond, S; Caperchione, CM
2022-01-01World Health Organization and knowledge translation in maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition.STAGE (Strategic Technical Advisory Group of Experts),; Duke, T; AlBuhairan, FS; Agarwal, K; Arora, NK; Arulkumaran, S; Bhutta, ZA; Binka, F; Castro, A; Claeson, M; Dao, B; Darmstadt, GL; English, M; Jardali, F; Merson, M; Ferrand, RA; Golden, A; Golden, MH; Homer, C; Jehan, F; Kabiru, CW; Kirkwood, B; Lawn, JE; Li, S; Patton, GC; Ruel, M; Sandall, J; Sachdev, HS; Tomlinson, M; Waiswa, P; Walker, D; Zlotkin, S