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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Bridging Multi-scale Approach To Consider The Effects Of Local Deformations In The Analysis Of Thin-walled MembersErkmen, E
Jan-2008Buckling analysis of thin-walled open members - A complementary energy variational principleErkmen, E; Mohareb, M
Jan-2008Buckling analysis of thin-walled open members - A Finite element formulationErkmen, E; Mohareb, M
Jan-2009Complementary Energy Based Formulation for Torsional Buckling of ColumnsErkmen, E; Mohareb, M; Bradford, MA
Jan-2009A Complementary energy-based formulation for torsional buckling analysis of columnsErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Mohareb, M; Aravinthan
Jan-2010Computational Modeling of Beams Curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHP
Jan-2011Coupling of finite element and meshfree methods for locking-free analysis of shear-deformable beams and platesErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2012Creep and Shrinkage Analysis of Curved Composite Beams Including the Effects of Partial InteractionLiu, X; Erkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHV
Jan-2012Creep And Shrinkage Analysis Of Curved Composite Beams With Partial InteractionLiu, X; Erkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2011Displacement-based finite element formulations for material-nonlinear analysis of composite beams and treatment of locking behaviourErkmen, E; Attard, M
Jan-2012Eccentricity Effects in the Finite Element Modelling of Composite BeamsErkmen, E; Saleh, A
Jan-2010Elimination of slip-locking in composite beam-column analysis by using the element-free Galerkin methodErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
8-Dec-2014Enhancing Industry Exposure, Discovery-Based and Cooperative Learning in Mechanics of SolidsMoshiri, F; Gardner, AP; Erkmen, E; Jarman, R; Khabbaz, H; Bainbridge-Smith, A; Qi, Z; Gupta, GS
Jan-2011Lateral-torsional buckling analysis of thin-walled beams including shear and pre-buckling deformation effectsErkmen, E; Attard, M
Jan-2010Locking-free Finite Element Formulation for Steel-Concrete Composite MembersErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Khalili, N; Valliappan, S; Li, Q; Russell, A
Jan-2009Moving load analysis of composite beams curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHV
Jan-2012Multi-scale nonlinear elastic analysis of thin-walled members including local effectsErkmen, E; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Jan-2009Non-linear Elastic Analysis of Composite Beams Curved In-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2009Non-linear Elasto-dynamic analysis of I-beams curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2013Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Curved in-PlanLiu, X; Bradford, MA; Erkmen, E