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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jan-2016Antennas with digitally steerable beams for modern wireless communication systemsKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP
23-Nov-2012Broadband dual-band dual-polarized overlapped antenna elementSun, Z; Zhong, SS; Esselle, KP; Guo, J; Cai, Y
7-Mar-2016A composite right/left-handed leaky-wave antenna with gap capacitors for backward to forward beam scanningKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP
6-Jan-2016Conical beaming using simple arrays of uniform half-width microstrip leaky-wave antennasKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Bird, TS; Hay, SG
1-Dec-2013Controlling the beam scanning limits of a microstrip leaky-wave antennaKarmokar, DK; Thalakotuna, DNP; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M
15-Jun-2016Development of Wireless Transducer for Real-Time Remote Patient MonitoringYang, Y; Zhu, X; Ma, K; Simorangkir, RBVB; Karmakar, NC; Esselle, KP
1-Jan-2017Dual-Band Dual-Mode Textile Antenna on PDMS Substrate for Body-Centric CommunicationsSimorangkir, RBVB; Yang, Y; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP
2-Nov-2016A dual-band half-width microstrip leaky-wave antenna for beam scanning in the forward and backward directionsKarmokar, DK; Guo, YJ; Qin, PY; Esselle, KP; Bird, TS
4-Sep-2013Fixed-frequency beam steering from a stub-loaded microstrip leaky-wave antennaKarmokar, DK; Thalakotuna, DNP; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M; Matekovits, L
1-Jun-2016Fixed-Frequency Beam Steering of Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antennas Using Binary SwitchesKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Hay, SG
1-Jan-2014Fixed-frequency leaky-wave antenna for simultaneous forward and backward scanningKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP
1-Jan-2017Forward and Backward Beam-Scanning Tri-Band Leaky-Wave AntennaKarmokar, DK; Guo, YJ; Qin, PY; Esselle, KP; Bird, TS
1-Jan-2014Four-branch microstrip leaky-wave antenna array for radiation towards broadsideKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Hay, SG
14-Nov-2017Highly Efficient Leaky-Wave Antenna Array for 28-GHz Millimeter-Wave TerminalsMorshed, KM; Karmokar, DK; Esselle, KP
23-May-2018Integrated GSM-UWB Fibonacci-type antennas with single, dual, and triple notched bandsSrivastava, K; Kumar, A; Kanaujia, BK; Dwari, S; Verma, AK; Esselle, KP; Mittra, R
16-Sep-2013A leaky-wave antenna for beam steering in forward and backward directionsKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DNP; Heimlich, M; Matekovits, L
1-Sep-2017Low profile single-layer U-slot loaded shorted-patch antenna for wireless communicationsMorshed, KM; Karmokar, DK; Esselle, KP
12-Mar-2007A Method to Include Antenna Pattern Characteristics in UWB System DesignDissanayake, T; Esselle, KP
1-Jan-2018A Method to Realize Robust Flexible Electronically Tunable Antennas Using Polymer-Embedded Conductive FabricSimorangkir, RBVB; Yang, Y; Esselle, KP; Zeb, BA
6-Jan-2016A microstrip leaky-wave antenna loaded with digitally controlled interdigital capacitors for fixed-frequency beam scanningKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M