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2021-08Attitudes to Drug Use in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Nurses and Care Staff.Lo, SY; Reeve, E; Page, AT; Zaidi, STR; Hilmer, SN; Etherton-Beer, C; McLachlan, A; Pont, L; Naganathan, V
2022-11-16CELPI: trial protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a Carer End of Life Planning Intervention in people dying with dementia.Arendts, G; Chenoweth, L; Hayes, BJ; Campbell, E; Agar, M; Etherton-Beer, C; Spilsbury, K; Howard, K; Braitberg, G; Cubitt, M; Sheehan, C; Magann, L; Sudharshan, T; Schnitker, LM; Pearce, J; Gilmore, I; Cerra, N; duPreez, J; Jaworski, R; Soh, S-C; Celenza, A
2023-10-01Factors associated with family carers’ fall concern: Prospective study protocolAng, SGM; Saunders, R; Siah, CJR; Foskett, C; Etherton-Beer, C; Gullick, K; Dunham, M; Sagaram, N; Tecson, RR; Haydon, S; Wilson, A
2021-12-18Generating Real-World Evidence on the Quality Use, Benefits and Safety of Medicines in Australia: History, Challenges and a Roadmap for the Future.Pearson, S-A; Pratt, N; de Oliveira Costa, J; Zoega, H; Laba, T-L; Etherton-Beer, C; Sanfilippo, FM; Morgan, A; Kalisch Ellett, L; Bruno, C; Kelty, E; IJzerman, M; Preen, DB; Vajdic, CM; Henry, D
2022The Medicines Intelligence Centre of Research Excellence: Co-creating real-world evidence to support the evidentiary needs of Australian medicines regulators and payers.Pratt, N; Camacho, X; Vajdic, C; Degenhardt, L; Laba, T-L; Hillen, J; Etherton-Beer, C; Preen, D; Jorm, L; Donnolley, N; Havard, A; Pearson, S-A