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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01A Dual-Protective Artificial Interface for Stable Lithium Metal AnodesFan, L; Sun, B; Yan, K; Xiong, P; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Zhang, N; Feng, Y; Sun, K; Wang, G
2013-01-10Characterization of the defense transcriptome responsive to Fusarium oxysporum-infection in Arabidopsis using RNA-seqZhu, QH; Stephen, S; Kazan, K; Jin, G; Fan, L; Taylor, J; Dennis, ES; Helliwell, CA; Wang, MB
2018-10-01A Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Matching and Registration in 3D Cross-Source Point CloudsHuang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Fan, L; Yuan, C
2016-12-22A Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Registration in 3D Street-View Cross-Source Point CloudsHuang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Fan, L; Yuan, C
2022-01-01Deep Learning for Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search: A Survey and Future DirectionsLi, M; Wang, YG; Zhang, P; Wang, H; Fan, L; Li, E; Wang, W
2015-01-01Dense Correspondence Using Non-Local DAISY ForestHuang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Yuan, C; Fan, L
2015-03-14Dissecting microbial community structure and methane-producing pathways of a full-scale anaerobic reactor digesting activated sludge from wastewater treatment by metagenomic sequencing.Guo, J; Peng, Y; Ni, B-J; Han, X; Fan, L; Yuan, Z
2022-06-01Effective velocity of reflected wave in rock mass with different wave impedances of normal incidence of stress waveWang, L; Wu, C; Fan, L; Wang, M
2015-05-01Effects of nitrate dosing on sulfidogenic and methanogenic activities in sewer sedimentLiu, Y; Sharma, KR; Ni, BJ; Fan, L; Murthy, S; Tyson, GQ; Yuan, Z
2021-06-01Energy efficiency with service availability guarantee for Network Function VirtualizationMai, L; Ding, Y; Zhang, X; Fan, L; Yu, S; Xu, Z
2019-07-01Fast registration for cross-source point clouds by using weak regional affinity and pixel-wise refinementHuang, X; Fan, L; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Yuan, C
2023-01-01FedSeg: Class-Heterogeneous Federated Learning for Semantic SegmentationMiao, J; Yang, Z; Fan, L; Yang, Y
2012-07-03Functional equivalence and evolutionary convergence in complex communities of microbial sponge symbiontsFan, L; Reynolds, D; Liu, M; Stark, M; Kjelleberg, S; Webster, NS; Thomas, T
2020Hierarchical Mn3O4 Anchored on 3D Graphene Aerogels via C−O−Mn Linkage with Superior Electrochemical Performance for Flexible Asymmetric SupercapacitorFan, L; Zhang, Y; Guo, Z; Sun, B; Tian, D; Feng, Y; Zhang, N; Sun, K
2013-05-01Marine microbial symbiosis heats up: The phylogenetic and functional response of a sponge holobiont to thermal stressFan, L; Liu, M; Simister, R; Webster, NS; Thomas, T
2016-09Metagenomic analysis of anammox communities in three different microbial aggregates.Guo, J; Peng, Y; Fan, L; Zhang, L; Ni, B-J; Kartal, B; Feng, X; Jetten, MSM; Yuan, Z
2012-08-01Metaproteogenomic analysis of a community of sponge symbiontsLiu, M; Fan, L; Zhong, L; Kjelleberg, S; Thomas, T
2021-07-01Near-Optimal Energy-Efficient Algorithm for Virtual Network Function PlacementZhang, X; Xu, Z; Fan, L; Yu, S; Qu, Y
2024-02-01Online Training Flow Scheduling for Geo-Distributed Machine Learning Jobs Over Heterogeneous and Dynamic NetworksFan, L; Zhang, X; Zhao, Y; Sood, K; Yu, S
2023Prevalence and factors associated with chronic school absenteeism among 207,107 in-school adolescents: Findings from cross-sectional studies in 71 low-middle and high-income countries.Rahman, MA; Renzaho, AMN; Kundu, S; Awal, MA; Ashikuzzaman, M; Fan, L; Ahinkorah, BO; Okyere, J; Kamara, JK; Mahumud, RA; Islam, MI