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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-15Detecting Violations of Differential Privacy for Quantum AlgorithmsGuan, J; Huang, M; Fang, W; Ying, M
2023Detecting Violations of Differential Privacy for Quantum Algorithms.Guan, J; Fang, W; Huang, M; Ying, M; Meng, W; Jensen, CD; Cremers, C; Kirda, E
2024-01Differentiable Quantum Programming with Unbounded Loops.Fang, W; Ying, M; Wu, X
2023-11-23DifferentiableQuantum Programming with Unbounded LoopsFang, W; Ying, M; Wu, X
2010-01Do management consultants understand the psyche of their clients?Chelliah, J; Fang, W
2009-01HP Australia: Sustainability in supply chain strategiesChelliah, J; Benn, SH; Fang, W
2023-09-15Improvement of anaerobic digestion containing sulfur with conductive materials: Focusing on recent advances and internal biological mechanismsChen, L; Zhang, Y; Liang, J; Li, Y; Zhang, J; Fang, W; Zhang, P; Zhang, G; Hao Ngo, H
2023-01-01isQ: An Integrated Software Stack for Quantum ProgrammingGuo, J; Lou, H; Yu, J; Li, R; Fang, W; Liu, J; Long, P; Ying, S; Ying, M
2022-11-23Porcine Circovirus 2 Activates the PERK-Reactive Oxygen Species Axis To Induce p53 Phosphorylation with Subsequent Cell Cycle Arrest at S Phase in Favor of Its Replication.Deng, Z; Sun, R; Han, X; Zhang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shan, Y; Xu, J; Li, X; He, F; Fang, W
2023-01-01Quantum Algorithm for Fidelity EstimationWang, Q; Zhang, Z; Chen, K; Guan, J; Fang, W; Liu, J; Ying, M
2021-01-01Robustness Verification of Quantum ClassifiersGuan, J; Fang, W; Ying, M; Silva, A; Leino, KRM
2024-01Simple Primitives With Feasibility- and Contextuality-Dependence for Open-World Compositional Zero-Shot Learning.Liu, Z; Li, Y; Yao, L; Chang, X; Fang, W; Wu, X; Saddik, AE
2023Symbolic Execution for Quantum Error Correction Programs.Fang, W; Ying, M
2023SymPhase: Phase Symbolization for Fast Simulation of Stabilizer Circuits.Fang, W; Ying, M
2009-01Transnational Strategy of Australian Service Firms: Resource Management for Foreign Expansion.Yeung, ST; Chelliah, J; Fang, W
2022-01-01Verifying Fairness in Quantum Machine LearningGuan, J; Fang, W; Ying, M; Shoham, S; Vizel, Y