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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05-04Application of LiDAR in rockfall hazard assessment in tropical regionPradhan, B; Fanos, AM
2016Assessment of multi-scenario rockfall hazard based on mechanical parameters using high-resolution airborne laser scanning data and GIS in a tropical areaFanos, AM; Pradhan, B; Aziz, AA; Jebur, MN; Park, H
2018-09-01A hybrid model using machine learning methods and GIS for potential rockfall source identification from airborne laser scanning dataFanos, AM; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S; Yusoff, ZM; Abdullah, AFB
2018-10-01Laser Scanning Systems and Techniques in Rockfall Source Identification and Risk Assessment: A Critical ReviewFanos, AM; Pradhan, B
2020-06-01Machine learning-based and 3d kinematic models for rockfall hazard assessment using LiDAR Data and GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A; Lee, CW
2016Multi-scenario Rockfall Hazard Assessment Using LiDAR Data and GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B
2019-12-01A Novel Hybrid Machine Learning-Based Model for Rockfall Source Identification in Presence of Other Landslide Types Using LiDAR and GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B
2019-01-01A novel rockfall hazard assessment using laser scanning data and 3D modelling in GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B
2017-05-04Rockfall hazard assessment: An overviewPradhan, B; Fanos, AM
2019-02Rockfall Source Identification Using a Hybrid Gaussian Mixture-Ensemble Machine Learning Model and LiDAR DataPradhan, B; Fanos, AM; Mansor, S; Abdullah, AFB; Jung, H-S
2019-01-01A Spatial Ensemble Model for Rockfall Source Identification from High Resolution LiDAR Data and GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B