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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-01Application of heliox for optimized drug delivery through respiratory tractFarooq, U; Riaz, HH; Munir, A; Zhao, M; Tariq, A; Islam, MS
2024-04-01Breathing in danger: Mapping microplastic migration in the human respiratory systemRiaz, HH; Lodhi, AH; Munir, A; Zhao, M; Farooq, U; Qadri, MNM; Islam, MS
2018-12-01Characterization of naturally occurring, new and persistent subclinical foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in vaccinated Asian buffalo in Islamabad Capital Territory, PakistanFarooq, U; Ahmed, Z; Naeem, K; Bertram, M; Brito, B; Stenfeldt, C; Pauszek, SJ; LaRocco, M; Rodriguez, L; Arzt, J
2023-10-01Customer Shopping Behavior Analysis Using RFID and Machine Learning ModelsAlfian, G; Octava, MQH; Hilmy, FM; Nurhaliza, RA; Saputra, YM; Putri, DGP; Syahrian, F; Fitriyani, NL; Atmaji, FTD; Farooq, U; Nguyen, DT; Syafrudin, M
2018-04-01Genetic diversity and comparison of diagnostic tests for characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus strains from Pakistan 2008–2012Ahmed, Z; Pauszek, SJ; Ludi, A; LaRocco, M; Khan, EUH; Afzal, M; Arshed, MJ; Farooq, U; Arzt, J; Bertram, M; Brito, B; Naeem, K; Abubakar, M; Rodriguez, LL
2019-01-01Optimal power flow and unified control strategy for multi-terminal HVDC systemsRaza, A; Mustafa, A; Rouzbehi, K; Jamil, M; Gilani, SO; Abbas, G; Farooq, U; Shehzad, MN
2013-12-04Simultaneous transcriptional profiling of bacteria and their host cellsHumphrys, MS; Creasy, T; Sun, Y; Shetty, AC; Chibucos, MC; Drabek, EF; Fraser, CM; Farooq, U; Sengamalay, N; Ott, S; Shou, H; Bavoil, PM; Mahurkar, A; Myers, GSA