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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-01Analysis of the CRISPR-Cas system in bacteriophages active on epidemic strains of Vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Nahid, MA; Tareq, TM; Rocky, MK; Faruque, SM
2017Environmental bacteriophages active on biofilms and planktonic forms of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae: Potential relevance in cholera epidemiology.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Abdullah, A; Bari, SMN; Ghosh, AN; Faruque, SM
2021Environmental prevalence of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 in Bangladesh coincides with V. cholerae non-O1 non-O139 genetic variants which overproduce autoinducer-2.Naser, IB; Shishir, TA; Faruque, SN; Hoque, MM; Hasan, A; Faruque, SM
2015-08-01Intercontinental dissemination of azithromycin-resistant shigellosis through sexual transmission: A cross-sectional studyBaker, KS; Dallman, TJ; Ashton, PM; Day, M; Hughes, G; Crook, PD; Gilbart, VL; Zittermann, S; Allen, VG; Howden, BP; Tomita, T; Valcanis, M; Harris, SR; Connor, TR; Sintchenko, V; Howard, P; Brown, JD; Petty, NK; Gouali, M; Thanh, DP; Keddy, KH; Smith, AM; Talukder, KA; Faruque, SM; Parkhill, J; Baker, S; Weill, FX; Jenkins, C; Thomson, NR
2016-11-28Quorum Regulated Resistance of Vibrio cholerae against Environmental Bacteriophages.Hoque, MM; Naser, IB; Bari, SMN; Zhu, J; Mekalanos, JJ; Faruque, SM
2019Vibrio cholerae strains with inactivated cqsS gene overproduce autoinducer-2 which enhances resuscitation of dormant environmental V. cholerae.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Faruque, SN; Kamruzzaman, M; Yamasaki, S; Faruque, SM