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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Collectively creating conditions that nurture: The Bushland as metaphor for the academic ecosystem.Ahuja, S; Gavin, M; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jarvis, W; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Liu, H; Small, J; Walker, C; Weatherall, R; Robinson, S; Bristow, A; Ratle, O
2010-01Coming home: The effects of the volunteer tourism experience on the volunteerFaulkner, S; Wearing, SL; Crispin, S; Dunn, A; Fishwick, S; Franklin, A; Hanson, D; Shipway, R; Wells, M; Baxter, C
2016Constructing Identity through the ‘Moral Consumption' of Volunteer TourismGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N; Faulkner, S
2016-06-30Constructing Identity through the ‘Moral Consumption’ of Volunteer TourismGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N; Faulkner, S
2020-08-03Coronavirus lockdowns set to hurt Australian nomad travellers the mostWilliamson, J; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N
2008-01Cultural landscapes of tourism in New South Wales and VictoriaCollins, J; Darcy, SA; Jordan, K; Skilbeck, R; Faulkner, S; Peel, V; Dunstan, D; Lacey, G; Firth, T
2017The Cyclic Volunteer Tourism ExperienceFaulkner, S
2022Disability and the Arts: Inclusive Practice for Health and WellbeingMaxwell, H; Darcy, S; Faulkner, S; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; McGrath, R; Young, J; Peel, J
2020-01-06Holidaying in a disaster zone isn't as crazy as it might seemBeirman, D; Faulkner, S; Wearing, S
2010-01Is Kokoda ready for World Heritage Status?Reggers, AL; Wearing, SL; Faulkner, S
2023-01-01‘Maybe one way forward’: Forging collective collegiality in the neoliberal academyFaulkner, S; Gavin, M; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Small, J; Walker, CN; Weatherall, R
2014(Not so) risky business: Commercially packaged volunteer tourism as a 'safer' travel optionGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N; Faulkner, S
2016-09-20Quantifying and qualifying the individual and collective social impact of the arts: Disability arts partnership projectsDarcy, S; Onyx, J; Faulkner, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
2013-01Religiosity paving the way for altruism through volunteer tourism in KenyaWearing, SL; Faulkner, S; Sahabu, V; Blanchard, L; Higgins-Desbiolles, F
2020-12Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein is a direct inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity and overexpressed in acute myeloid leukaemia.Dun, MD; Mannan, A; Rigby, CJ; Butler, S; Toop, HD; Beck, D; Connerty, P; Sillar, J; Kahl, RGS; Duchatel, RJ; Germon, Z; Faulkner, S; Chi, M; Skerrett-Byrne, D; Murray, HC; Flanagan, H; Almazi, JG; Hondermarck, H; Nixon, B; De Iuliis, G; Chamberlain, J; Alvaro, F; de Bock, CE; Morris, JC; Enjeti, AK; Verrills, NM
2021Slow and Spatial: The OzNomadic LifestyleFaulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Williamson, J
2011-01Stakeholder Collaboration in a Prospective World Heritage Area: The case of the Kokoda and the Owen Stanley RangesReggers, AL; Faulkner, S; Wearing, SL
2009-01Understanding 'Track/Trail' Experiences in National Parks: A Review,Wearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
2008-01Understanding track/trail experiences in National Parks: A ReviewWearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
-“Why Can’t I Play?”: Transdisciplinary Learnings for Children with Disability’s Sport ParticipationDarcy, S; Ollerton, J; Faulkner, S