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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2013Could international volunteers be considered ethical consumers? A cross-discipline approach to understanding motivations of self-initiated expatriatesFee, A; Karsaklian, E
9-Mar-2015The decision-making processes of self-initiated expatriates: a consumer behaviour approachGlassock, G; Fee, A
1-Jan-2013Developing cognitive complexity from the expatriate experience: Evidence from a longitudinal field studyFee, A; Gray, SJ; Lu, S
1-Sep-2011Expatriate performance management and firm internationalization: Australian multinationals in ChinaFee, A; McGrath-Champ, S; Yang, X
1-Dec-2012The expatriate-creativity hypothesis: A longitudinal field testFee, A; Gray, SJ
1-Apr-2017Expatriates in Aidland: Humanitarian Aid & Development ExpatriatesFee, A; McNulty, Y; Selmer, J
1-Apr-2017Expatriates’ Safety and Security During CrisisFee, A; McNulty, Y; Selmer, J
1-Jul-2014Factors influencing the effectiveness of international volunteer assignments: A 10-year analysisFee, A
1-Feb-2011Fast-tracking expatriate development: The unique learning environments of international volunteer placementsFee, A; Gray, SJ
2016From Green to Ethical Consumers: What Really Motivates Consumers to Buy Ethical Products?Karsaklian, E; Fee, A; Campbell, C; Ma, JZ
Dec-2014From green to ethical consumers: What should you change in your advertisement to motivate them to buy ethical products?Karsaklian, E; Fee, A
29-Nov-2013Human resources and expatriate evacuation: A conceptual modelFee, A; Mcgrath-Champ, S; Liu, H
1-Mar-2018Intercultural Knowledge Sharing Between Expatriates and Host-country Nationals in Vietnam: A Practice-based Study of Communicative Relations and Power DynamicsHeizmann, H; Fee, A; Gray, SJ
Jan-2011The link in the lesson: Using video to bridge theory and experience in cross-cultural trainingFee, A; Budde-Sung, A; Wankel, C; Law, JS
17-Jun-2019Protecting expatriates in hostile environments: institutional forces influencing the safety and security practices of internationally active organisationsFee, A; McGrath-Champ, S; Berti, M
6-Aug-2017The role of human resources in protecting expatriates: insights from the international aid and development sectorFee, A; McGrath-Champ, S
17-Nov-2017Shaping participation: an international NGO implementing a government participation policyGilfillan, B; Fee, A
6-Aug-2017Towards a theory of effective cross-cultural capacity development: the experiences of Australian international NGO expatriates in VietnamFee, A; Heizmann, H; Gray, SJ
1-Apr-2013Transformational learning experiences of international development volunteers in the Asia-Pacific: The case of a multinational NGOFee, A; Gray, SJ
Dec-2014Understanding the decision making process of self-initiated expatriates: A consumer behaviour approachFee, A; Glassock, G