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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-24Asymmetric natural convection flow in three dimensional attic spaceHuimin, C; Feng, X; Suvash, CS; Qingkuan, L
2019CHTOP in Chemoresistant Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: A Novel and Potential Therapeutic Target.Feng, X; Bai, X; Ni, J; Wasinger, VC; Beretov, J; Zhu, Y; Graham, P; Li, Y
2016-12Comfort Evaluation of 3D Movies Based on Parallax and MotionTian, F; Xu, H; Feng, X; Sanchez, JA; Wang, P; Tilling, S
2016-06-22Computing Connected Components with linear communication cost in pregel-like systemsFeng, X; Chang, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W
2017-11-07Controlling orientational order in block copolymers using low-intensity magnetic fields.Gopinadhan, M; Choo, Y; Kawabata, K; Kaufman, G; Feng, X; Di, X; Rokhlenko, Y; Mahajan, LH; Ndaya, D; Kasi, RM; Osuji, CO
2018-09-01Distributed computing connected components with linear communication costFeng, X; Chang, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Yuan, L
2019-10-01Efficient harvesting of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Scenedesmus obliquus cultivated in urban sewage by magnetic flocculation using nano-Fe<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> coated with polyethyleneimineLiu, Y; Jin, W; Zhou, X; Han, SF; Tu, R; Feng, X; Jensen, PD; Wang, Q
2021-10-25Essential outcomes for COP26.Smith, P; Beaumont, L; Bernacchi, CJ; Byrne, M; Cheung, W; Conant, RT; Cotrufo, F; Feng, X; Janssens, I; Jones, H; Kirschbaum, MUF; Kobayashi, K; LaRoche, J; Luo, Y; McKechnie, A; Penuelas, J; Piao, S; Robinson, S; Sage, RF; Sugget, DJ; Thackeray, SJ; Way, D; Long, SP
2013The impact of psychological capital on job burnout of Chinese nurses: the mediator role of organizational commitment.Peng, J; Jiang, X; Zhang, J; Xiao, R; Song, Y; Feng, X; Zhang, Y; Miao, D
2021-05-05Interfacial Engineering of Bi19Br3S27 Nanowires Promotes Metallic Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Activity under Near-Infrared Light Irradiation.Li, J; Pan, W; Liu, Q; Chen, Z; Chen, Z; Feng, X; Chen, H
2016-09Metagenomic analysis of anammox communities in three different microbial aggregates.Guo, J; Peng, Y; Fan, L; Zhang, L; Ni, B-J; Kartal, B; Feng, X; Jetten, MSM; Yuan, Z
2015-01-01A method for physics-based dynamic deformation with st. venant kirchhoff elasticity and implicit newmark integratorFeng, X; Wan, W; Zhu, X; Yin, Y; Wang, J
2012-02-01A new index and classification approach for load pattern analysis of large electricity customersZhang, T; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Feng, X; Yang, W
2018-09-01A new mesh visual quality metric using saliency weighting-based pooling strategyFeng, X; Wan, W; Xu, RYD; Perry, S; Zhu, S; Liu, Z
2018-08-01A novel spatial pooling method for 3D mesh quality assessment based on percentile weighting strategyFeng, X; Wan, W; Yi Da Xu, R; Perry, S; Li, P; Zhu, S
2018-09-05Perceptual Quality Evaluation of 3D Triangle Mesh: A Technical ReviewMuzahid, AAM; Wan, W; Feng, X
2018-08-01A perceptual quality metric for 3D triangle meshes based on spatial poolingFeng, X; Wan, W; Xu, RYD; Chen, H; Li, P; Sánchez, JA
2013-07-16Probabilistic k-skyband operator over sliding windowsFeng, X; Zhang, W; Zhao, X; Zhang, Y; Gao, Y
2013-04-10Probabilistic top-k dominating query over sliding windowsFeng, X; Zhao, X; Gao, Y; Zhang, Y
2020-05-27Speeding Up GED Verification for Graph Similarity SearchChang, L; Feng, X; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Ouyang, D