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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Believing in bith - choosing VBAC: the childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Australian womenFenwick, JH; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
Jan-2009Childbirth Fear, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Sleep Deprivation in Pregnant WomenHall, W; Hauck, Y; Carty, EM; Hutton, E; Fenwick, JH; Stoll, K
Jan-2006How social context impacts on women's fears of childbirth: A Western Australian exampleFisher, C; Hauck, Y; Fenwick, JH
Jan-2002Learning and Playing the Game: Women's experiences of mothering in the Level II nurseryFenwick, JH; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
Jan-2009Midwives description of the postnatal experience of women who use illicit substances: a Descriptive StudyDowdell, J; Fenwick, JH; Bartu, A; Sharp, J
Jan-2008Perceptions and experiences of first sexual intercourse in Australian adolescent femalesSkinner, SR; Smith, J; Fenwick, JH; Fyfe, S; Hendriks, J
Jan-2009Pre-and postpartum levels of childbirth fear and the relationship to birth outcomes in a cohort of Australian womenFenwick, JH; Gamble, J; Nathan, E; Bayes, S; Hacuk, Y
Jan-2010A qualitative analysis of the content of telephone calls made by women to a dedicated 'Next Birth After Caesarean' antenatal clinicDavid, S; Fenwick, JH; Bayes, S; Martin, T
Jan-2008A qualitative analysis of women's short accounts of labour and birth in a Western Australian Public Tertiary hospitalBayes, S; Fenwick, JH; Hauck, Y
Jan-2006Reframing birth: a consequence of cesarean sectionFenwick, JH; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
Jan-2007Research priorities for parenting and child health: a Delphi studyHauck, Y; Kelly, RG; Fenwick, JH
Jan-2003The role of nurses in the special care nursery: What they consider their prime responsibility to beFenwick, JH; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
Jan-2005Speculum 'self-insertion': a pilot studyWright, DJ; Fenwick, JH; Stephenson, P; Monterosso, L
Jan-2010A story of scrutiny and fear: Australian midwives' experinences of an external review of obstetric services, being involved with litigation and the impact on clinical practiceFenwick, JH; Butt, J; Hood, L
Jan-2001'They've forgotten that I'm the mum': Constructing and practising motherhood in special care nurseriesFenwick, JH
Jan-2013We only talk about breastfeeding: A discourse analysis of infant feeding messages in antenatal group-based educationFenwick, JH; Burns, E; Sheehan, A; Schmied, V