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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Auditor industry specialization, service bundling, and partner effects in a mining-dominated cityFerguson, A; Pündrich, G; Raftery, A
1-Jan-2006Australian audit reports: 1996-2003Carson, E; Ferguson, A; Simnett, R
1-Jan-2002Brand Name Audit Pricing, Industry Specialization, and Leadership Premiums post-Big 8 and Big 6 MergersFerguson, A; Stokes, D
1-Sep-2016The determinants and market reaction to Open Briefings: an investor relations option and evidence on the effectiveness of disclosureFerguson, A; Scott, T
1-Jan-2015Does industry specialist assurance of non-financial information matter to investors?Ferguson, A; Pündrich, G
1-Jan-2003The effects of firm-wide and office-level industry expertise on audit pricingFerguson, A; Francis, JR; Stokes, DJ
1-Jan-2016Evidence on why firms use different disclosure outlets Purchased analyst research, investor presentations and Open BriefingsFeigin, A; Ferguson, A; Grosse, M; Scott, T
1-Jun-2019Further evidence on mandatory partner rotation and audit pricing: a supply-side perspectiveFerguson, A; Lam, P; Ma, N
1-Mar-2013Gold mine feasibility study disclosure in Australia: Determinants and implicationsFerguson, A; Feigin, A; Kean, S
1-Nov-2016Government policy uncertainty and stock prices: The case of Australia's uranium industryFerguson, A; Lam, P
2-Jan-2019Implementation of discourse analysis in aphasia: investigating the feasibility of a Knowledge-to-Action interventionBryant, L; Ferguson, A; Valentine, M; Spencer, E
1-Jan-2003Information transfer and press coverage: The case of the Gawler Craton gold boomFerguson, A; Crockett, A
1-Dec-2010Investor behaviour in response to Australia's capital gains taxBrown, P; Ferguson, A; Sherry, S
6-Dec-2017Language and cognitive communication disorder during post-traumatic amnesia: Profiles of recovery after TBI from three casesSteel, J; Ferguson, A; Spencer, E; Togher, L
1-Aug-2018Market reactions to auditor switches under regulatory consent and market driven regimesFerguson, A; Lam, P; Ma, N
1-Dec-2011Market reactions to Australian boutique resource investor presentationsFerguson, A; Scott, T
1-Feb-2014Market reactions to the reports of a star resource analystBrown, P; Feigin, A; Ferguson, A
1-Jan-2014Market reactions when zero-leverage firms obtain bank financeGrosse, MJ; Ferguson, A
2014Market Reactions When Zero-Leverage Firms Obtain Bank FinanceFerguson, A; Grosse, M
1-Jun-2009Pierpont and the capital marketBrown, P; Ferguson, A; Jackson, AB