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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A continuity of care programme for women at risk of preterm birth in the UK: Process evaluation of a hybrid randomised controlled pilot trial.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Hull, LH; Coxon, K; Bollard, M; Cross, P; Seed, PT; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J; POPPIE Pilot Collaborative Group,; Gleason-Comstock, J
2021-09A realist review to explore how midwifery continuity of care may influence preterm birth in pregnant women.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Rayment-Jones, H; Roe, Y; Silverio, SA; Coxon, K; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J
2021-01-21Addressing inequities in maternal health among women living in communities of social disadvantage and ethnic diversity.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Newburn, M; Agyepong, A; Buabeng, R; Dignam, A; Abe, C; Bedward, L; Rayment-Jones, H; Silverio, SA; Easter, A; Carson, LE; Howard, LM; Sandall, J; NIHR ARC South London Maternity and Perinatal Mental Health Research and Advisory Teams,
2021-11Can birth outcome inequality be reduced using targeted caseload midwifery in a deprived diverse inner city population? A retrospective cohort study, London, UK.Hadebe, R; Seed, PT; Essien, D; Headen, K; Mahmud, S; Owasil, S; Fernandez Turienzo, C; Stanke, C; Sandall, J; Bruno, M; Khazaezadeh, N; Oteng-Ntim, E
2017Chagas disease among pregnant Latin American women in the United Kingdom: time for action.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Cabeza Brasa, C; Newsholme, W; Sandall, J; Chiodini, PL; Moore, DAJ
2021Experiences of maternity care among women at increased risk of preterm birth receiving midwifery continuity of care compared to women receiving standard care: Results from the POPPIE pilot trial.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Silverio, SA; Coxon, K; Brigante, L; Seed, PT; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J; POPPIE Collaborative Group,
2019-02-01Implementation of midwifery continuity of care models for Indigenous women in Australia: Perspectives and reflections for the United KingdomFernandez Turienzo, C; Roe, Y; Rayment-Jones, H; Kennedy, A; Forster, D; Homer, CSE; McLachlan, H; Sandall, J
2020-10-06Midwifery continuity of care versus standard maternity care for women at increased risk of preterm birth: A hybrid implementation-effectiveness, randomised controlled pilot trial in the UK.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Bick, D; Briley, AL; Bollard, M; Coxon, K; Cross, P; Silverio, SA; Singh, C; Seed, PT; Tribe, RM; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J; POPPIE Pilot Collaborative Group
2022Midwifery continuity of care: A scoping review of where, how, by whom and for whom?Bradford, BF; Wilson, AN; Portela, A; McConville, F; Fernandez Turienzo, C; Homer, CSE; Waqas, A
2019-05-14POPPIE: Protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial of continuity of midwifery care for women at increased risk of preterm birthFernandez Turienzo, C; Bick, D; Bollard, M; Brigante, L; Briley, A; Coxon, K; Cross, P; Healey, A; Mehta, M; Melaugh, A; Moulla, J; Seed, PT; Shennan, AH; Singh, C; Tribe, RM; Sandall, J
2023-07"She was there all the time". A qualitative study exploring how women at higher risk for preterm birth experience midwifery continuity of care.Brigante, L; Coxon, K; Fernandez Turienzo, C; Sandall, J
2023-07-11Targeted health and social care interventions for women and infants who are disproportionately impacted by health inequalities in high-income countries: a systematic review.Khan, Z; Vowles, Z; Fernandez Turienzo, C; Barry, Z; Brigante, L; Downe, S; Easter, A; Harding, S; McFadden, A; Montgomery, E; Page, L; Rayment-Jones, H; Renfrew, M; Silverio, SA; Spiby, H; Villarroel-Williams, N; Sandall, J