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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Advanced remote sensing techniques for global changes and Amazon ecosystem functioning studiesNovo, EM; Ferreira, LG; Barbosa, C; Carvalho, C; Sano, EE; Shimabukuro, YE; Huete, A; Potter, C; ROBERTS, DA; HESS, LL; MELACK, JJ; Yoshioka, H; Klooster, S; Kumar, V; Myneni, RB; Ratana, P; Didan, K; Miura, T
2006-01Analise Comparativa Dos Produtos Modis Ecologia Para O Monitoramento Biofisico Ambiental Do Bioma CerradoFerreira, ME; Ferreira, LG; Huete, A; Peccinini, AA
2010-01-01Assessing the response of the MODIS vegetation indices to landscape disturbance in the forested areas of the legal Brazilian AmazonFerreira, NC; Ferreira, LG; Huete, AR
2004-05-20Assessing the seasonal dynamics of the Brazilian Cerrado vegetation through the use of spectral vegetation indicesFerreira, LG; Huete, AR
2009-01Methodology for bare soil detection and discrimination by Landsat TM imageDematte, JA; Huete, A; Ferreira, LG; Nanni, MR; Fiorio, PR
2007-01-01An operational deforestation mapping system using MODIS data and spatial context analysisFerreira, NC; Ferreira, LG; Huete, AR; Ferreira, ME
2004-01-01Optical characterization of the Brazilian Savanna physiognomies for improved land cover monitoring of the cerrado biome: Preliminary assessments from an airborne campaign over an LBA core siteFerreira, LG; Yoshioka, H; Huete, A; Sano, EE
2002-11-01Overview of the radiometric and biophysical performance of the MODIS vegetation indicesHuete, A; Didan, K; Miura, T; Rodriguez, EP; Gao, X; Ferreira, LG
2003-11-15Seasonal landscape and spectral vegetation index dynamics in the Brazilian Cerrado: An analysis within the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazônia (LBA)Ferreira, LG; Yoshioka, H; Huete, A; Sano, EE
2005-01-01Synthetic aperture radar (L band) and optical vegetation indices for discriminating the Brazilian savanna physiognomies: A comparative analysisSano, EE; Ferreira, LG; Huete, AR
2008-01-01A technique for reflectance calibration of airborne hyperspectral spectrometer data using a broad, multiband radiometerMiura, T; Huete, AR; Ferreira, LG; Sano, EE; Yoshioka, H