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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019‘Art is my language’: Afghan cultural production challenging Islamophobic stereotypesGhani, B; Fiske, L
1-Jan-2016Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Indonesia: Problems and PotentialsAli, M; Briskman, L; Fiske, L
1-May-2009Bodies 'locked up': Intersections of disability and race in Australian immigrationSoldatic, K; Fiske, L
2019ConclusionFiske, LI; Shackel, R; Shackel, R; Fiske, L
1-Jan-2019An Education without Fear: Higher Education and Gender Justice in AfghanistanPayne, AM; Burridge, N; Rahmani, N; Shackel, R; Fiske, L
1-Jul-2015Gender, poverty and violence: Transitional justice responses to converging processes of domination of women in eastern DRC, northern Uganda and KenyaFiske, L; Shackel, R
2-Jan-2015Globalization and third world women: exploitation, coping and resistanceFiske, L
1-Jan-2016Human rights and refugee protest against immigration detention: Refugees' struggles for recognition as humanFiske, L
23-Mar-2016Regulation 5.35: Coerced treatment of detained asylum seekers on hunger strike. Legal, ethical and human rights implicationsKenny, MA; Fiske, L
1-Dec-2013Regulation 5.35: Coerced treatment of detained asylum seekers on hunger strike. legal, ethical and human rights implicationsAnne Kenny, M; Fiske, L
2019Rethinking Transitional Gender Justice. Transformative Approaches in Post-Conflict Settings.Fiske, L; Shackel, R; Fiske, LI; Shackel, R
1-Jan-2014Riotous refugees or systemic injustice? A sociological examination of riots in Australian immigration detention centresFiske, L
2019The Rise (and Fall?) of Transitional Gender Justice: A survey of the field.Fiske, LI; Shackel, R; Fiske, L