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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-01Changes in autofluorescence based organoid model of muscle invasive urinary bladder cancer.Palmer, S; Litvinova, K; Dunaev, A; Fleming, S; McGloin, D; Nabi, G
2011-10-01A comparison of delayed self-heterodyne interference measurement of laser linewidth using mach-zehnder and Michelson interferometersCanagasabey, A; Michie, A; Canning, J; Holdsworth, J; Fleming, S; Wang, HC; Åslund, ML
2022-02Enhancing paediatric palliative care: A rapid review to inform continued development of care for children with life-limiting conditions.Ekberg, S; Bowers, A; Bradford, N; Ekberg, K; Rolfe, M; Elvidge, N; Cook, R; Roberts, S-J; Howard, C; Agar, M; Deleuil, R; Fleming, S; Hynson, J; Jolly, A; Heywood, M; Waring, S; Rice, T; Vickery, A
2009-01Freedom to be: friendship and community at holiday parksFoley, CT; Hayllar, BR; Fleming, S; Andrews, H; Hackett, P; Meadows, M; Selby, M
2012-02-20Michelson interferometer characterisation of noise reduction in DFB fibre lasersCanagasabey, A; Jones, D; Mann, D; Canning, J; Fleming, S; Holdsworth, J
2011-07-11Michelson interferometer with Faraday mirrors employed in a delayed self-heterodyne interferometerÅslund, ML; Michie, A; Canning, J; Holdsworth, J; Fleming, S
2019-05-01Multi-morbidity burden, psychological distress, and quality of life in implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipients: Results from a nationwide studyMiller, JL; Thylén, I; Elayi, SC; Etaee, F; Fleming, S; Czarapata, MM; Lennie, TA; Moser, DK
2007-01Museological Landscapes, Mythological Lands: The Garden of Australian DreamsStead, NJ; Ostwald, MJ; Fleming, S