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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the Feasibility, Acceptability, and Impact of Giving Information on Personalized Genomic Risk of Melanoma to the Public.Smit, AK; Espinoza, D; Newson, AJ; Morton, RL; Fenton, G; Freeman, L; Dunlop, K; Butow, PN; Law, MH; Kimlin, MG; Keogh, LA; Dobbinson, SJ; Kirk, J; Kanetsky, PA; Mann, GJ; Cust, AE
2012-06-28Alternative medicine and doping in sportsKoh, B; Freeman, L; Zaslawski, C
2012-12-01Bridging the Gap: The Case for Expanding Ethnographic Techniques in the Marketing Research CurriculumFreeman, L; Spanjaard, D
2022-05-10Clinician views and experiences of non-invasive prenatal genetic screening tests in Australia.McKinn, S; Javid, N; Newson, AJ; Freeman, L; Bonner, C; Shand, AW; Nassar, N; Bell, KJL
2013-07-01Contrasting social network and tribal theories: An applied perspectiveGreenacre, L; Freeman, L; Donald, M
2018-04Development and Evaluation of a Telephone Communication Protocol for the Delivery of Personalized Melanoma Genomic Risk to the General Population.Fenton, GL; Smit, AK; Freeman, L; Badcock, C; Dunlop, K; Butow, PN; Kirk, J; Cust, AE
2022-12Do online decision aids reflect new prenatal screening and testing options? An environmental scan and content analysisLu, JYT; McKinn, S; Freeman, L; Turbitt, E; Bonner, C
2017-12-01Editors’ Corner: The “Work-Ready” Marketing Graduate: Part IIFreeman, L; Greenacre, L; Jaskari, MM; Cadwallader, S
2014-01-01Emotions in supermarket brand choice: A multi-method approachSpanjaard, D; Young, L; Freeman, L
2011-04-01An examination of socially destructive behaviors in group workFreeman, L; Greenacre, L
2011-10-01Familial hypercholesterolaemia: A model of care for AustralasiaWatts, GF; Sullivan, DR; Poplawski, N; van Bockxmeer, F; Hamilton-Craig, I; Clifton, PM; O'Brien, R; Bishop, W; George, P; Barter, PJ; Bates, T; Burnett, JR; Coakley, J; Davidson, P; Emery, J; Martin, A; Farid, W; Freeman, L; Geelhoed, E; Juniper, A; Kidd, A; Kostner, K; Krass, I; Livingston, M; Maxwell, S; O'Leary, P; Owaimrin, A; Redgrave, TG; Reid, N; Southwell, L; Suthers, G; Tonkin, A; Towler, S; Trent, R
2022-11-07Genetic Counsellors play a key role in supporting ethically responsible expanded universal carrier screening.Dive, L; Freeman, L; McEwen, A
2021-05Health practitioners' perceptions of the barriers and enablers to the implementation of reproductive genetic carrier screening: A systematic review.Best, S; Long, J; Theodorou, T; Hatem, S; Lake, R; Archibald, A; Freeman, L; Braithwaite, J
2023-02-06How should severity be understood in the context of reproductive genetic carrier screening?Dive, L; Archibald, AD; Freeman, L; Newson, AJ
2017-02-01Impact of Immigration on Native and Ethnic Consumer Identity via Body ImageHingorani, A; Freeman, L; Agudera, M
2015-01-01My-music my-selfGreenacre, L; Freeman, L; Filby, J; Ostrovsky, T
2022-09O59 Psychological benefits and harms of Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS): Women’s perspectivesJavid, N; McKinn, S; Newson, A; Bonner, C; Nassar, N; Shand, A; Freeman, L; Bell, K
2014-01-01Referral types and peer activation: Who to ask?Cheung, P; Greenacre, L; Freeman, L
2015-11-01Reflections on journeys within the supermarketSpanjaard, D; Freeman, L; Young, L
2023-07-31Scaling-up and future sustainability of a national reproductive genetic carrier screening program.Fehlberg, Z; Best, S; Long, JC; Theodorou, T; Pope, C; Hibbert, P; Williams, S; Freeman, L; Righetti, S; Archibald, AD; Braithwaite, J