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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Acculturation and Body Image: A cross-cultural, intergenerational qualitative study of Filipino and Indian AustraliansHingorani, A; Freeman, LM; Agudera, M; Bradshaw, A; Hackley, C; Maclaran, P
2008-01A case for contrast as a catalyst for changeYoung, LC; Freeman, LM
2011-01Do Consumers and Retailers Eat Off the Same Plate When it Comes to Premium House Brands? An Australian PerspectiveSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Bradshaw, A; Hackley, C; Maclaren, P
2014Embedding Ethics in the Business Curriculum: A Multi-Disciplinary ApproachWaller, DS; Freeman, LM; Hambusch, G; Waite, K; Neil, J; Wray-Bliss, E; Hooker, J
2012-01The Hidden AgendaSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM
2010-01In times of need are there more reasons to be green?Young, LC; Benn, SH; Donald, M; Freeman, LM; Marroun, S; Ballantine, P; Finsterwalder, J
2006-01Is qualitative research always exploratory?Spanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Ali, Y; van Dessel, M
2012-01The Maven; nevermoreFreeman, LM; Greenacre, LM; Herenda, N; Veer, E; Ballantine, P; Lazanne, L
2008-01The nature and role of social relationships in social responsibilityYoung, LC; Donald, M; Freeman, LM; Benn, SH; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
2005-01Study of contrasts: reflections on teaching, learning and training in the realm of qualitative research methodsYoung, LC; Freeman, LM; Purchase, S
2001-01Towards a Taxocomy of Brand Association Statements: The Ignorance of Measurement or a Measurement of Ignorance?Bock, T; Davis, T; Freeman, LM; Garlin, FV; Chetty, S; Collins, B
2014-01When Magazine Editorial and Advertising are in ConflictFreeman, LM; Bell, S; Veer, E; Ballantine, P; Ozanne, L
2008-01Why happy shoppers don't stop and thinkSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Young, LC; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
2008-01Why qualitative researchers squint: A micro analysis of the temporal aspects for grocery shoppingSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Acevedo, C; Hernandez, J; Lowrey, T