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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-01A multi-country analysis of the prevalence and factors associated with bullying victimisation among in-school adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from the global school-based health surveyAboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Hagan, JE; Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Adu, C; Ayilu, RK; Ahinkorah, BO
2022Association between frequency of mass media exposure and maternal health care service utilization among women in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for tailored health communication and education.Aboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Cadri, A; Frimpong, JB; Hagan, JE; Kassaw, NA; Yaya, S
2022-01-01Association between place of delivery, assistance during delivery and fistula occurrence in Afghanistan.Samad, N; Das, P; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Mohammed, A; Frimpong, JB; Mitra, DK
2022Birth weight and nutritional status of children under five in sub-Saharan Africa.Aboagye, RG; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Frimpong, JB; Archer, AG; Adu, C; Hagan, JE; Amu, H; Yaya, S
2021-03-07Bullying Victimization among In-School Adolescents in Ghana: Analysis of Prevalence and Correlates from the Global School-Based Health SurveyAboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Hagan, JE; Frimpong, JB; Okyere, J; Cadri, A; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-04-03Child Marriage and Sexual Autonomy among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from 31 Demographic and Health SurveysBudu, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Hagan, JE; Agbemavi, W; Frimpong, JB; Adu, C; Dickson, KS; Yaya, S
2022-11-05Comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge and HIV testing among men in sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel modelling.Tetteh, JK; Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2022-09-24Comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge and safer sex negotiation among adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa.Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-06-08Determinants of Fruits and Vegetables Consumption among In-School Adolescents in GhanaSeidu, A-A; Aboagye, RG; Frimpong, JB; Iddrisu, H; Agbaglo, E; Budu, E; Hagan, JE; Ahinkorah, BO
2022In-school adolescents' loneliness, social support, and suicidal ideation in sub-Saharan Africa: Leveraging Global School Health data to advance mental health focus in the region.Aboagye, RG; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Okyere, J; Frimpong, JB; Kumar, M
2021-03-28Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy Termination in Armenia: Evidence from Nationally-Representative Survey DataSamad, N; Das, P; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Frimpong, JB; Okyere, J; Hagan, JE; Nabi, MH; Hawlader, MDH
2023Mother and newborn skin-to-skin contact and timely initiation of breastfeeding in sub-Saharan Africa.Aboagye, RG; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Anin, SK; Frimpong, JB; Hagan, JE; Ortega, JA
2021Multi-Level Analysis and Spatial Interpolation of Distributions and Predictors of Childhood Diarrhea in Nigeria.Bolarinwa, OA; Tadesse Tessema, Z; Frimpong, JB; Seidu, A-A; Opoku Ahinkorah, B
2021-02-01Predictors of Anxiety-Induced Sleep Disturbance among in-School Adolescents in Ghana: Evidence from the 2012 Global School-Based Health SurveyAhinkorah, BO; Aboagye, RG; Arthur-Holmes, F; Seidu, A-A; Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Amoako, BM; Hagan, JE
2021-05-14Prevalence and Factors Associated with Interpersonal Violence among In-School Adolescents in Ghana: Analysis of the Global School-Based Health Survey DataAboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Arthur-Holmes, F; Frimpong, JB; Hagan, JE; Amu, H; Ahinkorah, BO
2024-04-12Prevalence and predictors of infant and young child feeding practices in sub-Saharan Africa.Aboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO; Cadri, A; Frimpong, JB; Dadzie, LK; Budu, E; Eyawo, O; Yaya, S
2022Prevalence and predictors of oral rehydration therapy, zinc, and other treatments for diarrhoea among children under-five in sub-Saharan Africa.Ahinkorah, BO; Aboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Frimpong, JB; Cadri, A; Afaya, A; Hagan, JE; Yaya, S
2022-04-28Prevalence and psychosocial factors associated with serious injuries among in-school adolescents in eight sub-Saharan African countries.Aboagye, RG; Mireku, DO; Nsiah, JJ; Ahinkorah, BO; Frimpong, JB; Hagan, JE; Abodey, E; Seidu, A-A
2022-01-06Safer sex negotiation and parity among women in sub-Saharan Africa.Adu, C; Frimpong, JB; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Budu, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2022-01-26Sexual autonomy and self-reported sexually transmitted infections among women in sexual unions.Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Budu, E; Frimpong, JB; Tetteh, JK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A