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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-01Australia's health care reform agenda: Implications for the nurses' role in chronic heart failure managementBetihavas, V; Newton, PJ; Du, HY; Macdonald, PS; Frost, SA; Stewart, S; Davidson, PM
2010-01-01Central venous catheter insertion by a clinical nurse consultant or anaesthetic medical staff: a single-centre observational study.Yacopetti, N; Alexandrou, E; Spencer, TR; Frost, SA; Davidson, PM; O'Sullivan, G; Hillman, KM
2012-07-01A comparison of fluid instillation volumes to assess intra-abdominal pressure using Kron's methodsHunt, L; Van Luenen, H; Alexandrou, E; Frost, SA; Davidson, PM; Hillman, K; D'Amours, S
2010-11-01Cross-cultural validation of the Cardiac Depression Scale in IranGholizadeh, L; Salamonson, Y; Davidson, PM; Parvan, K; Frost, SA; Chang, S; Hare, DL
2008-10-01Development of prognostic nomograms for individualizing 5-year and 10-year fracture risksNguyen, ND; Frost, SA; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2021-01-01Effect of steroids on Covid-19 mortality risk: a Bayesian interpretation.Nguyen, TV; Frost, SA
2021-02-09Epidemiological transition to mortality and refracture following an initial fracture.Ho-Le, TP; Tran, TS; Bliuc, D; Pham, HM; Frost, SA; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2010-01-01Establishing a nurse-led central venous catheter insertion serviceAlexandrou, E; Spencer, T; Frost, SA; Parr, M; Davidson, PM; Hillman, KM
2020-02-28Establishing baseline absolute risk of subsequent fracture among adults presenting to hospital with a minimal-trauma-fractureFrost, SA; Kelly, A; Gaudin, J; Evoy, LM; Wilson, C; Marov, L; El Haddad, C; Center, J; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV; Hassett, G
2013-09-01Excess mortality attributable to hip-fracture: A relative survival analysisFrost, SA; Nguyen, ND; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2023-04Frailty in Heart Failure: It's Time to Intervene.McDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Frost, SA; Davidson, PM
2013-03-01Importance of Predictors of Rehospitalisation in Heart Failure: A Survey of Heart Failure ExpertsBetihavas, V; Newton, PJ; Frost, SA; Alexandrou, E; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM
2012-02-01Nurse-led central venous catheter insertion-Procedural characteristics and outcomes of three intensive care based catheter placement servicesAlexandrou, E; Murgo, M; Calabria, E; Spencer, TR; Carpen, H; Brennan, K; Frost, SA; Davidson, PM; Hillman, KM
2013-12-01Patient, provider and system factors influencing rehospitalisation in adults with heart failureBetihavas, V; Newton, PJ; Frost, SA; MacDonald, PS; Davidson, PM
2021-09-27Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among nurses: A systematic review and meta-analysis.He, S; Hecimovic, A; Matijasevic, V; Mai, HT; Heslop, L; Foster, J; Alexander, KE; Pal, N; Alexandrou, E; Davidson, PM; Frost, SA
2010-01-01Readmission to intensive care: development of a nomogram for individualising risk.Frost, SA; Tam, V; Alexandrou, E; Hunt, L; Salamonson, Y; Davidson, PM; Parr, MJA; Hillman, KM
2014-11-01Relationship between body mass index and fracture risk is mediated by bone mineral densityChan, MY; Frost, SA; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2010-06-01A review of the nursing role in central venous cannulation: Implications for practice policy and researchAlexandrou, E; Spencer, TR; Frost, SA; Parr, MJA; Davidson, PM; Hillman, KM
2011-09-01Risk factors for in-hospital post-hip fracture mortalityFrost, SA; Nguyen, ND; Black, DA; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2009-05-01Severity of illness and risk of readmission to intensive care: A meta-analysisFrost, SA; Alexandrou, E; Bogdanovski, T; Salamonson, Y; Davidson, PM; Parr, MJ; Hillman, KM