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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A survey of remote attestation in Internet of Things: Attacks, countermeasures, and prospectsKuang, B; Fu, A; Susilo, W; Yu, S; Gao, Y
2018-01-01AQ-DP: A New Differential Privacy Scheme Based on Quasi-Identifier Classifying in Big DataKe, H; Fu, A; Yu, S; Chen, S
2018-01-01Customized Data Sharing Scheme Based on Blockchain and Weighted AttributeHuang, L; Zhang, G; Yu, S; Fu, A; Yearwood, J
2018-11-15Data integrity verification of the outsourced big data in the cloud environment: A surveyZhou, L; Fu, A; Yu, S; Su, M; Kuang, B
2018-02-15DIPOR: An IDA-based dynamic proof of retrievability scheme for cloud storage systemsFu, A; Li, Y; Yu, S; Yu, Y; Zhang, G
2023-10-01DMRA: Model Usability Detection Scheme Against Model-Reuse Attacks in the Internet of ThingsDong, Q; Zheng, X; Fu, A; Su, M; Zhou, L; Yu, S
2021-01-01DP-QIC: A differential privacy scheme based on quasi-identifier classification for big data publicationChen, S; Fu, A; Yu, S; Ke, H; Su, M
2019EAPA: Efficient Attestation Resilient to Physical Attacks for IoT DevicesYan, W; Fu, A; Mu, Y; Zhe, X; Yu, S; Kuang, B
2019-10-01ESDRA: An Efficient and Secure Distributed Remote Attestation Scheme for IoT SwarmsKuang, B; Fu, A; Yu, S; Yang, G; Su, M; Zhang, Y
2022-01-01Fair Cloud Auditing Based on Blockchain for Resource-Constrained IoT DevicesZhou, L; Fu, A; Yang, G; Gao, Y; Yu, S; Deng, RH
2022-01-01LinkBreaker: Breaking the Backdoor-Trigger Link in DNNs via Neurons Consistency CheckChen, Z; Wang, S; Fu, A; Gao, Y; Yu, S; Deng, RH
2021-02-04Multicopy provable data possession scheme supporting data dynamics for cloud-based Electronic Medical Record systemZhou, L; Fu, A; Mu, Y; Wang, H; Yu, S; Sun, Y
2018-07-27New algorithm for secure outsourcing of modular exponentiation with optimal checkability based on single untrusted serverZhu, Y; Fu, A; Yu, S; Yu, Y; Li, S; Chen, Z
2022-02-01NPP: A New Privacy-Aware Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud Data Sharing with Group UsersFu, A; Yu, S; Zhang, Y; Wang, H; Huang, C
2019-12-01Privacy preserving fog-enabled dynamic data aggregation in mobile phone sensingLi, X; Zhou, L; Fu, A; Yu, S; Su, M; Yang, W
2018-09-15Privacy-preserving composite modular exponentiation outsourcing with optimal checkability in single untrusted cloud serverFu, A; Li, S; Yu, S; Zhang, Y; Sun, Y
2020-11-01Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning in Fog ComputingZhou, C; Fu, A; Yu, S; Yang, W; Wang, H; Zhang, Y
2020-10-15RNN-DP: A new differential privacy scheme base on Recurrent Neural Network for Dynamic trajectory privacy protectionChen, S; Fu, A; Shen, J; Yu, S; Wang, H; Sun, H