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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01EEG-Based Emotion Classification Using Spiking Neural NetworksLuo, Y; Fu, Q; Xie, J; Qin, Y; Wu, G; Liu, J; Jiang, F; Cao, Y; Ding, X
2020-03-10Enhanced dark fermentative hydrogen production from waste activated sludge by combining potassium ferrate with alkaline pretreatmentYang, J; Liu, X; Xu, Q; Wang, W; Wang, D; Yang, G; Fu, Q; Kang, Z; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, BJ
2020-08-01Facile preparation of robust superhydrophobic surface based on multi-scales nanoparticleQi, C; Chen, H; Sun, Y; Shen, L; Li, X; Fu, Q; Liu, Y
2019-03-01Facile synthesis of highly efficient photocatalysts based on organic small molecular co-catalystSun, Y; Wang, C; Guo, G; Fu, Q; Xiong, Z; Li, D; Liu, Y
2019-09Fenton-Chemistry-Mediated Radical Polymerization.Reyhani, A; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2017-11-01Free nitrous acid-based nitrifying sludge treatment in a two-sludge system enhances nutrient removal from low-carbon wastewaterWang, D; Fu, Q; Xu, Q; Liu, Y; Hao Ngo, H; Yang, Q; Zeng, G; Li, X; Ni, BJ
2020-11From UV to NIR: A Full-Spectrum Metal-Free Photocatalyst for Efficient Polymer Synthesis in Aqueous Conditions.Allison-Logan, S; Fu, Q; Sun, Y; Liu, M; Xie, J; Tang, J; Qiao, GG
2019-05-14Heterogeneously Catalyzed Fenton-Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization in the Presence of AirReyhani, A; Ranji-Burachaloo, H; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-09-15High-throughput CO<inf>2</inf> capture using PIM-1@MOF based thin film composite membranesLiu, M; Nothling, MD; Webley, PA; Jin, J; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-02Interaction between perfluorooctanoic acid and aerobic granular sludge.Yang, G; Zhang, N; Yang, J; Fu, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Tang, L; Xia, J; Liu, X; Li, X; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, B-J
2021-02-15Magnetoresistive micro-displacement sensor based on magnetorheological fluidLi, X; zhang, J; Shen, L; Qing, L; Fu, Q; sun, Y; liu, Y
2021-03-01Metal organic framework enhanced SPEEK/SPSF heterogeneous membrane for ion transport and energy conversionZhao, X; Lu, C; Yang, L; Chen, W; Xin, W; Kong, XY; Fu, Q; Wen, L; Qiao, G; Jiang, L
2019-10-01Microwave pretreatment of polyacrylamide flocculated waste activated sludge: Effect on anaerobic digestion and polyacrylamide degradationLiu, X; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Wu, Y; Fu, Q; Li, Y; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Ni, BJ; Wang, Q; Yang, G; Li, H; Li, X
2020-01-01New Approaches towards the Design of Tough Amphiphilic Polymeric Co-networksTan, S; Chan, NJA; Collins, J; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-06Norfloxacin-induced effect on enhanced biological phosphorus removal from wastewater after long-term exposure.Xu, Q; Liu, X; Yang, G; Wang, D; Wu, Y; Li, Y; Huang, X; Fu, Q; Wang, Q; Liu, Y; Li, X; Yang, Q
2020-08-03Physical Aging Investigations of a Spirobisindane-Locked Polymer of Intrinsic MicroporosityLiu, M; Lu, X; Nothling, MD; Doherty, CM; Zu, L; Hart, JN; Webley, PA; Jin, J; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-09-01Polyrotaxane-based thin film composite membranes for enhanced nanofiltration performanceLiu, M; Nothling, MD; Tan, SSL; Webley, PA; Qiao, GG; Fu, Q
2019-07Postcombustion Carbon Capture Using Thin-Film Composite Membranes.Liu, M; Nothling, MD; Webley, PA; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-10Progress and Perspectives Beyond Traditional RAFT Polymerization.Nothling, MD; Fu, Q; Reyhani, A; Allison-Logan, S; Jung, K; Zhu, J; Kamigaito, M; Boyer, C; Qiao, GG
2019-02-15Recent progress on fabrication methods of polymeric thin film gas separation membranes for CO<inf>2</inf> captureXie, K; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG; Webley, PA