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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-31An evidence-based health evaluation of the FRNSW Tactical Athlete Resilience ProgramFullagar, H; Brown, G; Marin, E; Sharp, P; Stadnyk, A; Impellizzeri, F; Coutts, A; Caperchione, C
2022-05Cooling strategies for firefighters: Effects on physiological, physical, and visuo-motor outcomes following fire-fighting tasks in the heat.Fullagar, H; Notley, SR; Fransen, J; Richardson, A; Stadnyk, A; Lu, D; Brown, G; Duffield, R
2016-05-27The effect of an acute sleep hygiene strategy following a late-night soccer match on recovery of playersFullagar, H; Skorski, S; Duffield, R; Meyer, T
-How to manage travel fatigue and jet lag in athletes? A systematic review of interventionsJanse van Rensburg, DCC; Jansen van Rensburg, A; Fowler, P; Fullagar, H; Stevens, D; Halson, S; Bender, A; Vincent, G; Claassen-Smithers, A; Dunican, I; Roach, GD; Sargent, C; Lastella, M; Cronje, T
2018-07-01Recovery practices in Division 1 collegiate athletes in North AmericaMurray, A; Fullagar, H; Turner, AP; Sproule, J
2018-01-01Relationship between pretraining subjective wellness measures, player load, and rating-of-perceived-exertion training load in American college footballGovus, AD; Coutts, A; Duffield, R; Murray, A; Fullagar, H
2023Sleep and sport performanceFullagar, H; Vincent, G; Halson, S; McCullough, M; Fowler, P
2020Sleep and the Athlete: Contemporary Review of the Literature and Expert Consensus Recommendations.Fullagar, H
2017The time course of perceptual recovery markers following match play in Division I-AFullagar, H