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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-18A highly selective superphane for ReO<inf>4</inf><sup>−</sup> recognition and extractionZhou, W; Li, A; Gale, PA; He, Q
2023-03-22A potent fluorescent transmembrane HCl transporter perturbs cellular pH and promotes cancer cell death.Fares, M; Wu, X; McNaughton, DA; Gilchrist, AM; Lewis, W; Keller, PA; Arias-Betancur, A; Fontova, P; Pérez-Tomás, R; Gale, PA
-Aryl urea substituted fatty acids: a new class of protonophoric mitochondrial uncoupler that utilises a synthetic anion transporterRawling, T; MacDermott-Opeskin, H; Roseblade, A; Pazderka, C; Clarke, C; Bourget, K; Wu, X; Lewis, W; Noble, B; Gale, PA; O'Mara, ML; Cranfield, C; Murray, M
2022-01-21Binding and Transport Properties of a Benzo[b]thiophene-Based Mono-(thio)urea LibraryMoiteiro, C; Marques, I; Ryder, WG; Cachatra, V; Carvalho, S; Chen, LJ; Goodfellow, BJ; Gale, PA; Félix, V
2022-01-01Crown ether-thiourea conjugates as ion transportersZhao, Z; Tang, B; Yan, X; Wu, X; Li, Z; Gale, PA; Jiang, YB
2023-07-31Fatty Acid-Activated Proton Transport by Bisaryl Anion Transporters Depolarises Mitochondria and Reduces the Viability of MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells.York, E; McNaughton, DA; Duman, M-N; Gale, PA; Rawling, T
2023-02-17Fluorinated tetrapodal anion transporters.Gilchrist, AM; Wu, X; Hawkins, BA; Hibbs, DE; Gale, PA
2022-02-01Halide-selective, proton-coupled anion transport by phenylthiosemicarbazones.Howe, ENW; Chang, V-VT; Wu, X; Fares, M; Lewis, W; Macreadie, LK; Gale, PA
2022-03-10Janus metal-organic layer functioning as a biomimetic photosynthetic reaction centerWu, X; Gilchrist, AM; Gale, PA
2022-08-08Measuring anion binding at biomembrane interfaces.Wu, X; Wang, P; Lewis, W; Jiang, Y-B; Gale, PA
2022-05-02Organoplatinum Compounds as Anion-Tuneable Uphill Hydroxide Transporters.Chen, L-J; Wu, X; Gilchrist, AM; Gale, PA
2022-01-12Photomodulation of Transmembrane Transport and Potential by Stiff-Stilbene Based Bis(thio)ureas.Wezenberg, SJ; Chen, L-J; Bos, JE; Feringa, BL; Howe, ENW; Wu, X; Siegler, MA; Gale, PA
2023-08Potent antimicrobial effect induced by disruption of chloride homeostasisBrennan, LE; Kumawat, LK; Piatek, ME; Kinross, AJ; McNaughton, DA; Marchetti, L; Geraghty, C; Wynne, C; Tong, H; Kavanagh, ON; O’Sullivan, F; Hawes, CS; Gale, PA; Kavanagh, K; Elmes, RBP
2022-01-13Progress in anion receptor chemistryMacreadie, LK; Gilchrist, AM; McNaughton, DA; Ryder, WG; Fares, M; Gale, PA
2023-12-21Protonophoric and mitochondrial uncoupling activity of aryl-carbamate substituted fatty acids.MacDermott-Opeskin, H; Clarke, C; Wu, X; Roseblade, A; York, E; Pacchini, E; Roy, R; Cranfield, C; Gale, PA; O'Mara, ML; Murray, M; Rawling, T
2022-03-10Solving world problems with pyrrole: 65<sup>th</sup> birthday tribute to Prof. Jonathan L. SesslerChau, CV; Sen, S; Sedgwick, AC; Gale, PA; Pantos, GD; Kim, SK; Park, JS; Tomat, E; Arambula, JF; Gorden, AEV; Furuta, H
2022-08-19Structure-Activity Relationship and Mechanistic Studies of Bisaryl Urea Anticancer Agents Indicate Mitochondrial Uncoupling by a Fatty Acid-Activated Mechanism.York, E; McNaughton, DA; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, CG; Gale, PA; Rawling, T
2023-06-27Subcellular targeted anionophoresRyder, WG; Graziotto, ME; New, EJ; Gale, PA
2022-03-15Synthesis, X-ray crystallographic analysis, DFT studies and biological evaluation of triazolopyrimidines and 2-anilinopyrimidinesFares, M; Canfield, P; Alsherbiny, MA; Lewis, W; Willis, AC; Guang Li, C; Neyts, J; Jochmans, D; Gale, PA; Keller, PA
2022-01-26The supramolecular chemistry of anions.Jolliffe, KKA; Gale, PA