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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-08Balancing Learning Model Privacy, Fairness, and Accuracy With Early Stopping Criteria.Zhang, T; Zhu, T; Gao, K; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2021-08-01Effect of low gas concentration in underground return tunnels on characteristics of gas explosionsGao, K; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, K; Liu, Y; Li, S
2022-03-08Efficient Graphical Algorithm of Sensor Distribution and Air Volume Reconstruction for a Smart Mine Ventilation Network.Liu, Y; Liu, Z; Gao, K; Huang, Y; Zhu, C
2021Fire behaviors along timber linings affixed to tunnel walls in mines.Gao, K; Liu, Z; Tao, C; Tang, Z; Aiyiti, Y; Shi, L
2018-04-01Nonlinear dynamic buckling of the imperfect orthotropic E-FGM circular cylindrical shells subjected to the longitudinal constant velocityGao, K; Gao, W; Wu, D; Song, C
2017-05-15Nonlinear dynamic characteristics and stability of composite orthotropic plate on elastic foundation under thermal environmentGao, K; Gao, W; Wu, D; Song, C
2017-12-01Nonlinear dynamic stability analysis of Euler–Bernoulli beam–columns with damping effects under thermal environmentGao, K; Gao, W; Wu, D; Song, C
2018-02-17Nonlinear dynamic stability of the orthotropic functionally graded cylindrical shell surrounded by Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation subjected to a linearly increasing loadGao, K; Gao, W; Wu, D; Song, C
2018-04-01Nonlinear primary resonance of functionally graded porous cylindrical shells using the method of multiple scalesGao, K; Gao, W; Wu, B; Wu, D; Song, C
2019-06-21Receiver-Side TCP Countermeasure in Cellular Networks.Dong, P; Gao, K; Xie, J; Tang, W; Xiong, N; Vasilakos, AV
2022-01-01Rethinking Multi-Modal Alignment in Multi-Choice VideoQA from Feature and Sample PerspectivesXiao, S; Chen, L; Gao, K; Wang, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Z; Xiao, J
2017-11-15Robust safety assessment of functionally graded structures with interval uncertaintiesWu, D; Gao, W; Gao, K; Tin-Loi, F
2018-02-01Stochastic static analysis of Euler-Bernoulli type functionally graded structuresWu, D; Gao, W; Hui, D; Gao, K; Li, K
2018-03-01Structural reliability analysis with imprecise random and interval fieldsGao, W; Wu, D; Gao, K; Chen, X; Tin-Loi, F
2015-12-07The Visual Object Tracking VOT2015 Challenge ResultsKristan, M; Matas, J; Leonardis, A; Felsberg, M; Čehovin, L; Fernández, G; Vojír˜, T; Häger, G; Nebehay, G; Pflugfelder, R; Gupta, A; Bibi, A; Lukežič, A; Garcia-Martin, A; Saffari, A; Petrosino, A; Montero, AS; Varfolomieiev, A; Baskurt, A; Zhao, B; Ghanem, B; Martinez, B; Lee, B; Han, B; Wang, C; Garcia, C; Zhang, C; Schmid, C; Tao, D; Kim, D; Huang, D; Prokhorov, D; Du, D; Yeung, DY; Ribeiro, E; Khan, FS; Porikli, F; Bunyak, F; Zhu, G; Seetharaman, G; Kieritz, H; Yau, HT; Li, H; Qi, H; Bischof, H; Possegger, H; Lee, H; Nam, H; Bogun, I; Jeong, JC; Cho, JI; Lee, JY; Zhu, J; Shi, J; Li, J; Jia, J; Feng, J; Gao, J; Choi, JY; Kim, JW; Lang, J; Martinez, JM; Choi, J; Xing, J; Xue, K; Palaniappan, K; Lebeda, K; Alahari, K; Gao, K; Yun, K; Wong, KH; Luo, L; Ma, L; Ke, L; Wen, L; Bertinetto, L; Pootschi, M; Maresca, M; Danelljan, M; Wen, M; Zhang, M; Arens, M; Valstar, M; Tang, M; Chang, MC; Khan, MH; Fan, N; Wang, N; Miksik, O; Torr, PHS; Wang, Q; Martin-Nieto, R; Pelapur, R; Bowden, R; Laganière, R; Moujtahid, S; Hare, S; Hadfield, S; Lyu, S; Li, S