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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-19Codebook Based Minimum Subspace Distortion Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave SystemsNi, Z; Zhang, JA; Yang, K; Gao, F; Gao, Z
2018-10-09Complete genomic analysis of a kingdom-crossing Klebsiella variicola isolateGuo, Y; Zhai, Y; Zhang, Z; Li, D; Wang, Z; Li, J; He, Z; Hu, S; Kang, Y; Gao, Z
2019-01-01Compressive Sensing Based Channel Estimation for Millimeter-Wave Full-Dimensional MIMO with Lens-ArrayWan, Z; Gao, Z; Shim, B; Yang, K; Mao, G; Alouini, MS
2017-11-28Controlled Synthesis, Evolution Mechanisms, and Luminescent Properties of ScF<inf>x</inf>:Ln (x = 2.76, 3) NanocrystalsXie, J; Xie, X; Mi, C; Gao, Z; Pan, Y; Fan, Q; Su, H; Jin, D; Huang, L; Huang, W
2017-06-01Data-driven answer selection in community QA systemsNie, L; Wei, X; Zhang, D; Wang, X; Gao, Z; Yang, Y
2021-11-01Dual-stream guided-learning via a priori optimization for person re-identificationWu, J; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Gao, Z; Zhao, J; Huang, L
2020-04-15Genomic characterization of an emerging Enterobacteriaceae species: the first case of co-infection with a typical pathogen in a human patient.Zhang, Z; Li, D; Shi, X; Zhai, Y; Guo, Y; Zheng, Y; Zhao, L; He, Y; Chen, Y; Wang, Z; Su, J; Kang, Y; Gao, Z
2017-03HEp-2 Cell Image Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.Gao, Z; Wang, L; Zhou, L; Zhang, J
2021-03-10Large-area display textiles integrated with functional systemsShi, X; Zuo, Y; Zhai, P; Shen, J; Yang, Y; Gao, Z; Liao, M; Wu, J; Wang, J; Xu, X; Tong, Q; Zhang, B; Wang, B; Sun, X; Zhang, L; Pei, Q; Jin, D; Chen, P; Peng, H
2017-11-01A Novel Diode-Clamped Modular Multilevel Converter with Simplified Capacitor Voltage-Balancing ControlLiu, X; Lv, J; Gao, C; Chen, Z; Guo, Y; Gao, Z; Tai, B
2020-10-01Principal Component Analysis-Based Broadband Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO SystemsSun, Y; Gao, Z; Wang, H; Shim, B; Gui, G; Mao, G; Adachi, F
2014-04-23A randomized clinical trial of the immunogenicity of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine compared to 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine in frail, hospitalized elderlyMacIntyre, CR; Ridda, I; Gao, Z; Moa, AM; McIntyre, PB; Sullivan, JS; Jones, TR; Hayen, A; Lindley, RI
2022-07-25Rational Electrolyte Design toward Cyclability Remedy for Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries.Wu, J; Tian, Y; Gao, Y; Gao, Z; Meng, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, X; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, G
2022-07-25Rational Electrolyte Design toward Cyclability Remedy for Room‐Temperature Sodium–Sulfur BatteriesWu, J; Tian, Y; Gao, Y; Gao, Z; Meng, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, X; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, G
2020-07-01Seismic performance analysis of a large-scale single-layer lattice dome with a hybrid three-directional seismic isolation systemZhang, H; Liang, X; Gao, Z; Zhu, X
2013-01-01Treatment outcomes of various types of tuberculosis in Pakistan, 2006 and 2007Chughtai, AA; MacIntyre, CR; Wang, YA; Gao, Z; Khan, W