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2020-10A Multicomponent Nonpharmacological Intervention to Prevent Delirium for Hospitalized People with Advanced Cancer: A Phase II Cluster Randomized Waitlist Controlled Trial (The PRESERVE Pilot Study).Hosie, A; Phillips, J; Lam, L; Kochovska, S; Noble, B; Brassil, M; Kurrle, S; Cumming, A; Caplan, GA; Chye, R; Ely, EW; Lawlor, PG; Bush, SH; Davis, JM; Lovell, M; Parr, C; Williams, S; Hauser, K; McArdle, S; Jacquier, K; Phillipson, C; Kuwahata, L; Kerfoot, J; Brown, L; Fazekas, B; Cheah, SL; Edwards, L; Green, A; Hunt, J; Attwood, R; Assen, T; Garcia, M; Wilcock, J; Agar, M
2018-05-01Bridging Thermal Infrared Sensing and Physically-Based Evapotranspiration Modeling: From Theoretical Implementation to Validation Across an Aridity Gradient in Australian EcosystemsMallick, K; Toivonen, E; Trebs, I; Boegh, E; Cleverly, J; Eamus, D; Koivusalo, H; Drewry, D; Arndt, SK; Griebel, A; Beringer, J; Garcia, M
2023-07Description of patient reported experience measures (PREMs) for hospitalised patients with palliative care needs and their families, and how these map to noted areas of importance for quality care: A systematic review.Virdun, C; Garcia, M; Phillips, JL; Luckett, T
2012-05-01Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 56 bone mineral density loci and reveals 14 loci associated with risk of fractureEstrada, K; Styrkarsdottir, U; Evangelou, E; Hsu, YH; Duncan, EL; Ntzani, EE; Oei, L; Albagha, OME; Amin, N; Kemp, JP; Koller, DL; Li, G; Liu, CT; Minster, RL; Moayyeri, A; Vandenput, L; Willner, D; Xiao, SM; Yerges-Armstrong, LM; Zheng, HF; Alonso, N; Eriksson, J; Kammerer, CM; Kaptoge, SK; Leo, PJ; Thorleifsson, G; Wilson, SG; Wilson, JF; Aalto, V; Alen, M; Aragaki, AK; Aspelund, T; Center, JR; Dailiana, Z; Duggan, DJ; Garcia, M; Garcia-Giralt, N; Giroux, S; Hallmans, G; Hocking, LJ; Husted, LB; Jameson, KA; Khusainova, R; Kim, GS; Kooperberg, C; Koromila, T; Kruk, M; Laaksonen, M; Lacroix, AZ; Lee, SH; Leung, PC; Lewis, JR; Masi, L; Mencej-Bedrac, S; Nguyen, TV; Nogues, X; Patel, MS; Prezelj, J; Rose, LM; Scollen, S; Siggeirsdottir, K; Smith, AV; Svensson, O; Trompet, S; Trummer, O; Van Schoor, NM; Woo, J; Zhu, K; Balcells, S; Brandi, ML; Buckley, BM; Cheng, S; Christiansen, C; Cooper, C; Dedoussis, G; Ford, I; Frost, M; Goltzman, D; González-Macías, J; Kähönen, M; Karlsson, M; Khusnutdinova, E; Koh, JM; Kollia, P; Langdahl, BL; Leslie, WD; Lips, P; Ljunggren, Ø; Lorenc, RS; Marc, J; Mellström, D; Obermayer-Pietsch, B; Olmos, JM; Pettersson-Kymmer, U; Reid, DM; Riancho, JA; Ridker, PM; Rousseau, F; Lagboom, PES; Tang, NLS
2019-08-21Globe-LFMC, a global plant water status database for vegetation ecophysiology and wildfire applicationsYebra, M; Scortechini, G; Badi, A; Beget, ME; Boer, MM; Bradstock, R; Chuvieco, E; Danson, FM; Dennison, P; Resco de Dios, V; Di Bella, CM; Forsyth, G; Frost, P; Garcia, M; Hamdi, A; He, B; Jolly, M; Kraaij, T; Martín, MP; Mouillot, F; Newnham, G; Nolan, RH; Pellizzaro, G; Qi, Y; Quan, X; Riaño, D; Roberts, D; Sow, M; Ustin, S
2022-04-06Implementing the battery-operated hand-held fan as an evidence-based, non-pharmacological intervention for chronic breathlessness in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a qualitative study of the views of specialist respiratory clinicians.Luckett, T; Roberts, M; Smith, T; Garcia, M; Dunn, S; Swan, F; Ferguson, C; Kochovska, S; Phillips, JL; Pearson, M; Currow, DC; Johnson, MJ
2017-12-01Insights from Australians with respiratory disease living in the community with experience of self-managing through an emergency department 'near miss' for breathlessness: A strengths-based qualitative studyLuckett, T; Phillips, J; Johnson, M; Garcia, M; Bhattarai, P; Carrieri-Kohlman, V; Hutchinson, A; Disler, RT; Currow, D; Agar, M; Ivynian, S; Chye, R; Newton, PJ; Davidson, PM
2021-12Outcomes and measures of delirium interventional studies in palliative care to inform a core outcome set: A systematic review.Agar, MR; Siddiqi, N; Hosie, A; Boland, JW; Johnson, MJ; Featherstone, I; Lawlor, PG; Bush, SH; Page, V; Amgarth-Duff, I; Garcia, M; Disalvo, D; Rose, L; Del-COrS Group,