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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A device looking for a purpose and user-centred co-design: 3D food printing not yet delivering on expectations of benefit for people with swallowing disability.Hemsley, B; Balandin, S; Dann, S; Gay, V; Josserand, E; Leong, T; Palmer, S; Skellern, K
2022-01-01A Model for a Mobile-enabled e-Health System in Saudi Arabia for the Self-management of DiabetesAlanazi, F; Gay, V; Alturki, R
2005-12-01An adaptation architecture to improve user-perceived QoS of multimedia services for enterprise remote desktop protocolsLubonski, M; Gay, V; Simmonds, A
2015-01-01Analysing and using subjective criteria to improve dental care recommendation systemsPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S
2020-01-01Analysis of an ehealth app: Privacy, security and usabilityAlturki, R; AlGhamdi, MJ; Gay, V; Awan, N; Kundi, M; Alshehri, M
2006-01-01Around the Clock Personalized Heart Monitoring Using Smart PhonesGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Nugent, C; Augusto, JC
2018-01-01Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mobile Fitness Applications: A SurveyAlturki, RM; Gay, V
2019-01-01Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mobile Fitness Applications: A SurveyAlturki, R; Gay, V
2015-11-01Bringing health and fitness data together for connected health care: Mobile apps as enablers of interoperabilityGay, V; Leijdekkers, P
2016-01-01Building social awareness for teens and young adults with autism via gamificationGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Pooley, A
2013Capture My Emotion: a Mobile App to Improve Emotion Learning for Autistic Children Using SensorsLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V; Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
2013-12-09CaptureMyEmotion: A mobile app to improve emotion learning for autistic children using sensorsLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V; Wong, F
2013-01-01CaptureMyEmotion: Helping autistic children understand their emotions using facial expression recognition and mobile technologiesGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Agcanas, J; Wong, F; Wu, Q
2002-01-01A comparative study of policy specification languages for secure distributed applicationsDuflos, S; Diaz, G; Gay, V; Horlait, E
2005-12-01A conceptual architecture for adaptation in remote desktop systems driven by the user perception of multimediaLubonski, M; Gay, V; Simmonds, A
2015-07-01Continuous digital healthVan Halteren, A; Gay, V
2018-01-01Creating smarter spaces to unleash the potential of health appsBonnin, JM; Gay, V; Weis, F
2014-01-01Design of emotion-aware mobile apps for autistic childrenGay, V; Leijdekkers, P
2019-03-01The development of an Arabic weight-loss app akser waznk: Qualitative resultsAlturki, R; Gay, V
2022-01-01e-Health Care Development in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Problems in e-Health SystemsAlanazi, F; Gay, V