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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Essential waters: Young bull sharks in Fiji's largest riverine system.Glaus, KBJ; Brunnschweiler, JM; Piovano, S; Mescam, G; Genter, F; Fluekiger, P; Rico, C
2022-01-05Evaluation of Groundwater Self-Supply Safety and Associated Risk Factors in Urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, G; Priadi, C; Willetts, J; Foster, T
2019-06-01Evaluation of the novel substrate RUG™ for the detection of: Escherichia coli in water from temperate (Zurich, Switzerland) and tropical (Bushenyi, Uganda) field sitesGenter, F; Marks, SJ; Clair-Caliot, G; Mugume, DS; Johnston, RB; Bain, RES; Julian, TR
2021-06Faecal contamination of groundwater self-supply in low- and middle income countries: Systematic review and meta-analysisGenter, F; Willetts, J; Foster, T
-Microbial Contamination of Groundwater Self‐supply in urban Indonesia: Assessment of Sanitary and Socio‐economic Risk factorsGenter, F; Putri, GL; Pratama, MA; Priadi, C; Willetts, J; Foster, T
2020-10-28The occurrence of escherichia coli in groundwater of bekasi city (Case Study: Jatiluhur, sumur batu, and jatirangga urban villages)Maysarah, S; Putri, GL; Pratama, MA; Zulkarnain, F; Willetts, J; Foster, T; Genter, F; Harris, A; Priadil, CR
2022-08-24Understanding household self-supply use and management in urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, G; Suleeman, E; Darmajanti, L; Foster, T; Willetts, J
-Understanding household self-supply use and management using a mixed-methods approach in urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, GL; Suleeman, E; Darmajanti, L; Priadi, C; Foster, T; Willetts, J; Herrera, M