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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-29A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences and Perspectives of Australian Aboriginal Women on Oral Health during PregnancyKong, A; Dickson, M; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Goulding, J; Chao, J; George, A
2021-09-11Aboriginal Health Workers Promoting Oral Health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women during Pregnancy: Development and Pilot Testing of the Grinnin' Up Mums & Bubs Program.Kong, A; Dickson, M; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; Chao, J; Goulding, J; George, A
2013Computational Analysis Of The Soluble Form Of The Intracellular Chloride Ion Channel Protein Clic1Valenzuela, S; Curmi, P; George, A; Jones, P
2022-10-30Dietitians' Experiences of Providing Oral Health Promotion to Clients with an Eating Disorder: A Qualitative Study.Patterson-Norrie, T; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; George, A
2020-01Eating disorders and oral health: a scoping review on the role of dietitians.Patterson-Norrie, T; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Sank, L; George, A
2018-08-03The effectiveness of a sustained nurse home visiting intervention for Aboriginal infants compared with non-Aboriginal infants and with Aboriginal infants receiving usual child health care: A quasi-experimental trial - The Bulundidi Gudaga studyKemp, L; Grace, R; Comino, E; Jackson Pulver, L; McMahon, C; Harris, E; Harris, M; George, A; Mack, HA
2019-08-02Effectiveness of preventive dental programs offered to mothers by non-dental professionals to control early childhood dental caries: a review.George, A; Sousa, MS; Kong, AC; Blinkhorn, A; Patterson Norrie, T; Foster, J; Dahlen, HG; Ajwani, S; Johnson, M
2020-08Exploring nursing and allied health perspectives of quality oral care after stroke: A qualitative study.Ferguson, C; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Kong, AC; Bhole, S; Ajwani, S
2012Extragenic suppressor mutations that restore twitching motility to fimL mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa are associated with elevated intracellular cyclic AMP levelsNolan, L; Beatson, S; Croft, L; Jones, P; George, A; Mattick, J; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, C
2020-10-23"Got to build that trust": the perspectives and experiences of Aboriginal health staff on maternal oral health.Kong, AC; Sousa, MS; Ramjan, L; Dickson, M; Goulding, J; Gwynne, K; Talbot, F; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; George, A
2020-01-06“Got to build that trust”: Aboriginal Health Workers’ perspectives and experiences of maternal oral healthKong, AC; Sousa, MS; Ramjan, L; Dickson, M; Goulding, J; Gwynne, K; Talbot, F; Jones, N; Srini, R; George, A
2018-01-23Impact of Flue Gas Compounds on Microalgae and Mechanisms for Carbon Assimilation and UtilizationVuppaladadiyam, AK; Yao, JG; Florin, N; George, A; Wang, X; Labeeuw, L; Jiang, Y; Davis, RW; Abbas, A; Ralph, P; Fennell, PS; Zhao, M
2022-09Interventions to promote oral care regimen adherence in the critical care setting: A systematic review.Lombardo, L; Ferguson, C; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Villarosa, BJ; Kong, AC; Wynne, R; Salamonson, Y
2023-03Long-term effectiveness of the midwifery initiated oral health-dental service program on maternal oral health knowledge, preventative dental behaviours and the oral health status of children in Australia.George, A; Kong, A; Sousa, MS; Villarosa, A; Ajwani, S; Dahlen, HG; Bhole, S; Yaacoub, A; Srinivas, R; Johnson, M
2023-07-17Oral health and individuals with a lived experience of an eating disorder: a qualitative study.Patterson-Norrie, T; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; George, A
2018-04-01The oral health behaviours and fluid consumption practices of young urban Aboriginal preschool children in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaGeorge, A; Grace, R; Elcombe, E; Villarosa, AR; Mack, HA; Kemp, L; Ajwani, S; Wright, DC; Anderson, C; Bucknall, N; Comino, E
2022-10-25Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of People Living with Diabetes in South Asia: A Scoping Review.Poudel, P; Rawal, LB; Kong, A; Yadav, UN; Sousa, MS; Karmacharya, B; Pradhan, S; George, A
2021-03-17Patient perceptions of oral health care following stroke: a qualitative study.Ajwani, S; Ferguson, C; Kong, AC; Villarosa, AR; George, A
2020-01-01Perceptions of nurses towards oral health in palliative care: A qualitative studyKong, AC; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Agar, M; Harlum, J; Wiltshire, J; Srinivas, R; Parker, D
2020-11-29Preparing for an aging Australia: The development of multidisciplinary core competencies for the Australian health and aged care workforce.Poulos, RG; Boon, MY; George, A; Liu, KPY; Mak, M; Maurice, C; Palesy, D; Pont, LG; Poulos, CJ; Ramsey, S; Simpson, P; Steiner, GZ; Villarosa, AR; Watson, K; Parker, D