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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A review on resilience studies in active distribution systemsMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2021-12-01A review on solid-state transformer: A breakthrough technology for future smart distribution gridsMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Hossain, MJ; Zhang, J; Ray, PK; Mohanty, A
2019-05-01A Review on the Development of Concentrated Solar Power and its Integration in Coal-Fired Power Plants<sup>∗</sup>Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhan, J; Chen, L; Huang, Q; Li, C
2022-04-01Active distribution system resilience quantification and enhancement through multi-microgrid and mobile energy storageMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ
2016-01-01An ICA based approach for solving profit based unit commitment problem marketGhadi, MJ; Baghramian, A; Imani, MH
2021-09-15Application of small-scale compressed air energy storage in the daily operation of an active distribution systemGhadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Mishra, DK; Li, L; Zhang, J; Shafie-khah, M; Catalão, JPS
2020-03-01A comparative study of clustering techniques for electrical load pattern segmentationRajabi, A; Eskandari, M; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Siano, P
2020Day-Ahead Market Participation of an Active Distribution Network Equipped with Small-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage SystemsGhadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Rajabi, A; Ghavidel, S; Li, L; Zhang, J; Shafie-khah, M; Catalao, JPS
2018-10-01Demand Response Modeling in Microgrid Operation: a Review and Application for Incentive-Based and Time-Based ProgramsImani, MH; Ghadi, MJ; Ghavidel, S; Li, L
2018-07-01Dynamic performance improvement of an ultra-lift Luo DC–DC converter by using a type-2 fuzzy neural controllerSharifian, A; Fathi Sasansara, S; Ghadi, MJ; Ghavidel, S; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-11-01From active distribution systems to decentralized microgrids: A review on regulations and planning approaches based on operational factorsGhadi, MJ; Rajabi, A; Ghavidel, S; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2021-03-26Hybrid power plant bidding strategy for voltage stability improvement, electricity market profit maximization, and congestion managementGhavidel, S; Rajabi, A; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2018-02-05Hybrid power plant bidding strategy including a commercial compressed air energy storage aggregator and a wind power producerGhavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Barani, M; Aghaei, J; Li, L; Zhang, J
2017-10-02Hybrid power plant offering strategy to deal with the stochastic nature and outage of wind generatorsGhavidel, S; Barani, M; Azizivahed, A; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J
2017-10-02Multi-area economic emission dispatch considering load uncertaintyAzizivahed, A; Ghavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-02-01Multi-objective energy management approach considering energy storages in distribution networks with respect to voltage securityAzizivahed, A; Ghavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J
2017-10-02New energy management approach in distribution systems considering energy storagesAzizivahed, A; Ghavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J
2018-05-01A new method based on Type-2 fuzzy neural network for accurate wind power forecasting under uncertain dataSharifian, A; Ghadi, MJ; Ghavidel, S; Li, L; Zhang, J
2018-02-05A novel reliability oriented bi-objective unit commitment problemAzizivahed, A; Ghavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J
2016-11-01Optimal power scheduling of thermal units considering emission constraint for GENCOs' profit maximizationGhadi, MJ; Itami Karin, A; Baghramian, A; Hosseini Imani, M