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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Adult exposure to ocean acidification is maladaptive for larvae of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata in the presence of multiple stressors.Parker, LM; O'Connor, WA; Byrne, M; Coleman, RA; Virtue, P; Dove, M; Gibbs, M; Spohr, L; Scanes, E; Ross, PM
2013-01The Challenges of Community Engagement in Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local Government in AustraliaGibbs, M; Kamnuansilpa, P; Sampson, CL
2022Coral restoration and adaptation in Australia: The first five years.McLeod, IM; Hein, MY; Babcock, R; Bay, L; Bourne, DG; Cook, N; Doropoulos, C; Gibbs, M; Harrison, P; Lockie, S; van Oppen, MJH; Mattocks, N; Page, CA; Randall, CJ; Smith, A; Smith, HA; Suggett, DJ; Taylor, B; Vella, KJ; Wachenfeld, D; Boström-Einarsson, L; Guest, JR
2017-11-22Death and digital mediaArnold, M; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T; Meese, J; Nansen, B
2007-01Demo: Utzon's Studio as a Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentWeiley, V; Gibbs, M; Hjorth, L; Milne, E; Pisan, Y
2023-07-24Extending conservation of coastal and oyster reef restoration for First Nations cultural revitalization.Gibbs, M; Ross, P; Scanes, E; Gibbs, J; Rotolo-Ross, R; Parker, L
2015-01-01#Funeral and Instagram: death, social media, and platform vernacularGibbs, M; Meese, J; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Carter, M
2020-12-10Larval energetics of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata and Pacific oyster Magallana gigasGibbs, M; Scanes, E; Parker, L; Byrne, M; O'Connor, W; Virtue, P; Ross, P
2019-01-01Managing the consumption of death and digital media: The funeral director as market intermediaryvan Ryn, L; Meese, J; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T
2007-01My Guild, My People: Role of Guilds in Massively Multiplayer Online GamesPisan, Y; Gibbs, M; Hjorth, L; Milne, E; Pisan, Y
2018-02-14Ocean acidification but not warming alters sex determination in the Sydney rock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata.Parker, LM; O'Connor, WA; Byrne, M; Dove, M; Coleman, RA; Pörtner, H-O; Scanes, E; Virtue, P; Gibbs, M; Ross, PM
2015-01-01Posthumous personhood and the affordances of digital mediaMeese, J; Nansen, B; Kohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M
2016-01-01Remembering Zyzz: Distributed Memories on Distributed NetworksNansen, B; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T; Meese, J
2015-01-01Selfies at funerals: Mourning and presencing on social media platformsMeese, J; Gibbs, M; Carter, M; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Kohn, T
2018-01-01The social life of the dead and the leisured life of the living onlineKohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M; Meese, J; Nansen, B