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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-01Are pregnant women with asthma receiving guideline-recommended antenatal asthma management?- A survey of pregnant women in AustraliaMclaughlin, K; Jensen, M; Foureur, M; Gibson, P; Murphy, V
2017-05-23It’s like the Stolen Generations again: The forced removal of Aboriginal children by Child Protection services under the NT Intervention.Gibson, P
2012-03-31Listening But Not Hearing: A Response to the NTER Stronger Futures Consultations June to August 2011.Longman, CD; Watson, N; Nicholson, A; Vivian, A; Priest, T; De Santolo, J; Gibson, P; Behrendt, L; Cox, E
2012-01Return to the Ration Days: The nT Intervention - Grass-roots Experience and ResistanceGibson, P
2013-01Stolen FuturesGibson, P
2014-11-13Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs, Out of Home Care InquiryGibson, P; Behrendt, L
2019-09-01The acceptability and feasibility of a novel asthma management strategy in Australian antenatal clinics-a qualitative descriptive studyMclaughlin, K; Jensen, M; Foureur, M; Gibson, P; Murphy, V
2020-09The acceptability and feasibility of implementing a Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)-based asthma management strategy into antenatal care: The perspective of pregnant women with asthma.McLaughlin, K; Jensen, ME; Foureur, M; Gibson, P; Murphy, VE
2018-09-11Trees as landlords and other public experiments: An interview with Natalie JeremijenkoPratt, S; Gibson, P; Brits, B